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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Nov-2016A green light-triggerable RGD peptide for photocontrolled targeted drug delivery: synthesis and photolysis studiesGandioso, Albert; Cano, Marc; Massaguer i Vall-llovera, Anna; Marchán Sancho, Vicente
1-Nov-2016Desxifrant mecanismes enzimàtics per mitjà d'eines computacionals: implicacions biotecnològiques en l'estudi de glicosidasesRaich, Lluís; Rovira i Virgili, Carme
20-Dec-2016P-Stereogenic Phosphines for the Stabilisation of Metal Nanoparticles. A Surface State StudyRaluy, E.; Grabulosa, Arnald; Lavedan, P.; Pradel, C.; Müller Jevenois, Guillermo; Favier, I.; Gómez, M.
14-Mar-2016Study of the effect of the chromophore and nuclearity on the aggregation and potential biological activity of gold(I) alkynyl complexesGavara, Raquel; Aguiló Linares, Elisabet; Schur, J.; Llorca, Jordi, 1966-; Ott, Ingo; Rodríguez, Laura
4-Aug-2016Exploring the validity of the Glidewell-Lloyd extension of Clar's pi-sextet rule: assessment from polycyclic conjugated hydrocarbonsEl Bakouri, Ouissam; Poater i Teixidor, Jordi; Feixas, Ferran; Solà, Miquel
2016Necessary conditions for the emergence of homochirality via autocatalytic self-replicationStich, Michael; Ribó i Trujillo, Josep M.; Blackmond, Donna G.; Hochberg, David
21-Jan-2016High-affinity sequence-selective DNA binding by iridium(III) polypyridyl organometallopeptidesGamba, Ilaria; Salvadó, Iria; Brissos, Rosa F.; Gámez Enamorado, Patrick; Brea, José; Loza, María Isabel; Vázquez, M. Eugenio; Vázquez López, Miguel
5-Jan-2016Snapshots of a solid-state transformation: coexistence of three phases trapped in one crystalAromí Bedmar, Guillem; Beavers, C. M.; Sánchez-Costa, J.; Craig, Gavin, 1979-; Mínguez Espallargas, G.; Orera, Alodia; Roubeau, Olivier
2016Selective derivatization of N-terminal cysteines using cyclopentenedionesBrun, Omar; Agramunt, Jordi; Raich, Lluís; Rovira i Virgili, Carme; Pedroso Muller, Enrique; Grandas Sagarra, Anna
8-Nov-2016A β-mannannase with a lysozyme fold and a novel molecular catalytic mechanismJin, Yi; Petricevic, Marija; John, Alan; Raich, Lluís; Jenkins, Huw; Portela de Souza, Leticia; Cuskin, Fiona; Gilbert, Harry J.; Rovira i Virgili, Carme; Goddard-Borger, Ethan D.; Williams, Spencer; Davies, Gideon J.