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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2015Rhodium-Catalyzed Pauson−Khand Reaction Using a Small-Bite-Angle P‑Stereogenic C1‑Diphosphine LigandCristóbal Lecina, Edgar; Costantino, Andrea R.; Grabulosa, Arnald; Riera i Escalé, Antoni; Verdaguer i Espaulella, Xavier
2-Sep-2015Accessing sodium ferrate complexes containing neutral and anionic N-heterocyclic carbene ligands: structural, synthetic, and magnetic insightsMaddock, L. C. H.; Cadenbach, Thomas; Kennedy, Alan R.; Borilović, Ivana; Aromí Bedmar, Guillem; Hevia, Eva
2-Oct-2015Stereospecific SN2@P reactions: Novel access to bulky P-stereogenic ligandsOrgué Gassol, Sílvia; Flores-Gaspar, Areli; Biosca, Maria; Pàmies, Oscar; Diéguez, Montserrat; Riera i Escalé, Antoni; Verdaguer i Espaulella, Xavier
22-Dec-2015Au(I) N-heterocyclic carbenes from bisimidazolium amphiphiles: synthesis, cytotoxicity and incorporation onto gold nanoparticlesRodrigues, M.; Russo, L.; Aguiló Linares, Elisabet; Rodríguez Raurell, Laura; Ott, I.; Pérez-Garcia, L.
9-Jun-2015Synthesis and characterization of new mixed-valent Mn(II)/Mn(III) and mixed metal Ni/Mn complexesLedezma-Gairaud, M.; Pineda, L.W.; Aromí Bedmar, Guillem; Sañudo Zotes, Eva Carolina
3-Aug-2015The effect of potential supramolecular-bond promoters on the DNA-interacting abilities of copper-terpyridine compounds.Grau, Jordi; Brissos, Rosa F.; Salinas Uber, Jorge; Caballero, Ana B.; Caubet Marín, Amparo; Roubeau, Olivier; Korrodi-Gregório, Luís; Pérez Tomás, Ricardo E.; Gámez Enamorado, Patrick