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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013On the origin of the selectivity of plasmidic H-NS towards horizontally acquired DNA: Linking H-NS oligomerization and cooperative DNA bindingFernández de Alba, Carles; Berrow, Nicholas Simon; García-Castellanos, Raquel; García, Jesús; Pons Vallès, Miquel
2011Protein loop compaction and the origin of the effect of arginine and glutamic acid mixtures on solubility, stability and transient oligomerization of proteinsBlobel, Jascha; Brath, Ulrika; Bernadó Peretó, Pau; Diehl, Carl; Ballester, Lidia; Sornosa, Alejandra; Akke, Mikael; Pons Vallès, Miquel
13-May-2013Protein oligomers studied by solid-state NMR the case of the full-length nucleoid-associated protein histone-like nucleoid structuring proteinRenault, Marie; García, Jesús; Cordeiro, Tiago N.; Baldus, Marc; Pons Vallès, Miquel
2011Essential residues in the H-NS binding site of Hha, a co-regulator of horizontally acquired genes in EnterobacteriaFernández de Alba, Carles; Solórzano, Carla; Paytubi Casabona, Sònia; Madrid Xufré, Cristina; Juárez Giménez, Antonio; García, Jesús; Pons Vallès, Miquel
11-Mar-2014Orthogonal protection of peptides and peptoids for cyclization by the thiol-ene reaction and conjugationElduque Busquets, Xavier; Pedroso Muller, Enrique; Grandas Sagarra, Anna
2013Straightforward synthesis of cyclic and bicyclic peptidesElduque Busquets, Xavier; Pedroso Muller, Enrique; Grandas Sagarra, Anna
3-May-2018Solvation-guided design of fluorescent probes for discrimination of amyloidsCao, Kevin J.; Elbel, Kristyna M.; Cifelli, Jessica L.; Cirera Fernández, Jordi; Sigurdson, Christina J.; Paesani, Francesco; Theodorakis, Emmanuel A.; Yang, Jerry
19-Jan-2014Mammalian frataxin directly enhances sulfur transfer of NFS1 persulfide to both ISCU and free thiolsParent, Aubérie; Elduque Busquets, Xavier; Cornu, David; Belot, Laura; Le Caer, Jean-Pierre; Grandas Sagarra, Anna; Toledano, Michel B.; D'Autréaux, Benoit
15-Jul-2010Solid-Phase Synthesis of New Trp(Nps)-Containing Dipeptide Derivatives as TRPV1 Channel BlockersPérez de Vega, M.J.; García-López, M.T.; Zaccaro, Laura; Royo Expósito, Miriam; Albericio Palomera, Fernando; Fernández-Carvajal, A.; Ferrer-Montiel, A.; González-Muñiz, R.
Jun-2009Differential regulation of horizontally acquired and core genome genes by the bacterial modulator H-NSBaños Molina, Rosa Carmen; Vivero, Aitziber; Aznar Vicente, Sonia; García, Jesús; Pons Vallès, Miquel; Madrid Xufré, Cristina; Juárez Giménez, Antonio