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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-May-2016Huckel's rule of aromaticity categorizes aromatic closo boron hydride clustersPoater i Teixidor, Jordi; Solà, Miquel; Viñas, Clara; Teixidor, Francesc
5-Jun-2016Complexes of adamantane-based group 13 Lewis acids and superacids: Bonding analysis and thermodynamics of hydrogen splittingEl Hamdi, Majid; Solà, Miquel; Poater i Teixidor, Jordi; Timoshkin, Alexey Y.
31-Aug-2016Planar vs. three-dimensional X-6(2-), X2Y42-, and X3Y32- (X, Y = B, Al, Ga) metal clusters: an analysis of their relative energies through the turn-upside-down approachEl Bakouri, Ouissam; Solà, Miquel; Poater i Teixidor, Jordi
17-Oct-2017Substrate-controlled Michael additions of titanium enolates from chiral α-benzyloxy ketones to conjugated nitroalkenesGómez Palomino, Alejandro; Barrio, Adrián; García-Lorente, P.; Romea, Pedro; Urpí Tubella, Fèlix; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes
1-Dec-2017Stereoselective and catalytic synthesis of anti-β-Alkoxy-α-azido carboxylic derivativesFernandez-Valparis, Javier; Romea, Pedro; Urpí Tubella, Fèlix; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes
Feb-2012A molecular [Mn14] coordination cluster featuring two slowly relaxing nanomagnetsSánchez Costa, José; Barrios Moreno, Leoní Alejandra; Craig, Gavin, 1979-; Teat, Simon J.; Luis, Fernando; Roubeau, Olivier; Evangelisti, Marco; Camón, Agustín; Aromí Bedmar, Guillem
14-Mar-2016Tuning supramolecular aurophilic structures: the effect of counterion, positive charge and solventAguiló Linares, Elisabet; Gavara, Raquel; Baucells, Clara; Guitart, Marta; Lima, João Carlos; Llorca, Jordi, 1966-; Rodríguez, Laura
8-Feb-2016Pyridinethiolate titanocene metalloligands and their self-assembly reactions to yield early-late metallamacrocyclesFerrer García, Montserrat; Gomez-Bautista, Daniel; Gutiérrez i Currius; Orduña-Marco, Guillermo; Oro, Luis A.; Pérez-Torrente, Jesús J.; Rossell, Oriol; Ruiz Sabín, Eliseo
6-Feb-2019Retro-1-oligonucleotide conjugates. Synthesis and biological evaluationAgramunt, Jordi; Pedroso Muller, Enrique; Kreda, Silvia M.; Juliano, Rudolph L.; Grandas Segarra, Anna
1-Jul-2018Stereoselective oxidation of titanium(IV) enolates with oxygenGómez Palomino, Alejandro; Romea, Pedro; Urpí Tubella, Fèlix
1-Jan-2017NH2- or PPh2-functionalized linkers for the immobilization of palladium on magnetite nanoparticles?Caparros, Francisco J.; Guarnizo, Anderson; Rossell, Marta Dàcil; Angurell Purroy, Inmaculada; Seco, Miquel (Seco García); Muller Jevenois, Guillermo; Llorca, Jordi, 1966-; Rossell Alfonso, Oriol
17-Jan-2014Dinuclear Pyridine-4-thiolate-bridged rhodium and iridium complexes as ditopic building blocks in molecular architectureFerrer García, Montserrat; Gómez Bautista, Daniel; Gutiérrez i Currius, Albert; Miranda, José R.; Orduña Marco, Guillermo; Oro, Luis A.; Pérez Torrente, Jesús J.; Rossell, Oriol; García Orduña, Pilar; Lahoz, Fernando J.
1-Oct-2016Lanthanide Tetrazolate complexes combining single-molecule magnet and luminescence properties: the effect of the replacement of Tetrazolate N3 by β-Diketonate ligands on the anisotropy energy barrierJimenez, Juan-Ramon; Diaz-Ortega, Ismael F.; Ruiz Sabín, Eliseo; Aravena Ponce, Daniel Alejandro; Pope, Simon J. A.; Colacio, Enrique; Herrera, Juan Manuel
1-Apr-2017Four new families of polynuclear Zn-Ln coordination clusters. Synthetic, topological, magnetic, and luminescent aspectsGriffiths, Kieran; Mayans Ayats, Júlia; Shipman, Michael A.; Tizzard, Graham J.; Coles, Simon J.; Blight, Barry A.; Escuer Fité, Albert; Kostakis, George E.
14-Jun-2018General and stereoselective aminoxylation of biradical titanium(IV) enolates with TEMPO: a detailed study on the effect of the chiral auxiliaryKennington, Stuart C. D.; Gómez Palomino, Alejandro; Salomo, Ernest; Romea, Pedro; Urpí Tubella, Fèlix; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes
27-Feb-2015Growth and physical properties of highly oriented La-doped (K,Na)NbO3 ferroelectric thin filmsVendrell, Xavier; Raymond, Oscar; Ochoa Guerrero, Diego A.; García García, José Eduardo.; Mestres i Vila, Ma. Lourdes
15-Sep-2017Stabilization of 2,6-Diarylanilinum Cation by Through-Space Cation-pi InteractionsPadial, Joan Simó; Poater i Teixidor, Jordi; Nguyen, D. Thao; Tinnemans, Paul; Bickelhaupt, F. Matthias; Mecinovic, Jasmin
6-Aug-2013Supramolecular organization and heterochiral recognition in Langmuir monolayers of chiral azobenzene surfactantsPulido Companys, Alba; Albalat Piñol, Rosa; Garcia Amorós, Jaume; Velasco Castrillo, Dolores; Ignés i Mullol, Jordi
22-Feb-2012Chiral-symmetry selection in soft monolayers under vortical flowPetit Garrido, Núria; Claret Bonet, Josep; Ignés i Mullol, Jordi; Farrera, Joan Anton; Sagués i Mestre, Francesc
14-Sep-2016Structure of the Reduced Copper Active Site in Pre-Processed Galactose Oxidase: Ligand Tuning for One-Electron O2 Activation in Cofactor BiogenesisCowley, Ryan E.; Cirera Fernández, Jordi; Qayyum, Munzarin F.; Rokhsana, Dalia; Hedman, Britt; Hodgson, Keith O.; Dooley, David M.; Solomon, Edward I.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 254