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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2022A motor neuron disease mouse model reveals a non-canonical profile of senescence biomarkersTorres, Pascual; Anerillas, Carlos; Ramírez Núñez, Omar; Fernàndez, Anna; Encinas, Mario; Povedano, Mònica; Andrés Benito, Pol; Ferrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda); Ayala, Victòria; Pamplona, Reinald; Portero Otín, Manuel
1-May-2019Altered dynein axonemal assembly factor 1 expression in C-Boutons in bulbar and spinal cord motor-neurons in sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosisAndrés Benito, Pol; Povedano, Mònica; Torres, Pascual; Portero Otin, Manuel; Ferrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda)
27-Jul-2018Altered gene transcription linked to astrocytes and oligodendrocytes in frontal cortex in Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseaseAndrés Benito, Pol; Domínguez González, Mayelín; Ferrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda)
May-2018Altered regulation of KIAA0566, and katanin signaling expression in the locus coeruleus with neurofibrillary tangle pathologyAndrés Benito, Pol; Delgado-Morales, Raul; Ferrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda)
8-Feb-2015Amyloid and tau pathology of familial Alzheimer's disease APP/PS1 mouse model in a senescence phenotype background (SAMP8)Porquet Costa, David; Andrés Benito, Pol; Griñán Ferré, Christian; Camins Espuny, Antoni; Ferrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda); Canudas Teixidó, Anna-Maria; Valle i Macià, Jaume del; Pallàs i Llibería, Mercè, 1964-
1-Nov-2020Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Is Accompanied by Protein Derangements in the Olfactory Bulb-Tract AxisLachén Montes, Mercedes; Mendizuri, Naroa; Ausin, Karina; Andrés Benito, Pol; Ferrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda); Fernández Irigoyen, Joaquín; Santamaría, Enrique
1-Mar-2017Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, gene deregulation in the anterior horn of the spinal cord and frontal cortex area 8: implications in frontotemporal lobar degenerationAndrés Benito, Pol; Moreno Castro, Jesús; Aso Pérez, Ester; Povedano, Mònica; Ferrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda)
2-May-2020Assessment of glial activation response in the progress of natural scrapie after chronic dexamethasone treatmentGuijarro, Isabel M.; Garcés Crespo, Miguel; Andrés Benito, Pol; Marín, Belén; Otero, Alicia; Barrio Castro, Tomás del; Carmona Murillo, Margarita; Ferrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda); Badiola, Juan J.; Monzón, Marta
15-Oct-2019Brain pyrimidine nucleotide synthesis and Alzheimer diseasePesini, Alba; Iglesias, Eldris; Bayona Bafaluy, M. Pilar; Garrido Pérez, Nuria; Meade, Patricia; Gaudó, Paula; Jimenez Salvador, Irene; Andrés Benito, Pol; Montoya, Julio; Ferrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda); Pesini, Pedro; Ruiz Pesini, Eduardo
1-Feb-2016Cannabinoid receptor 2 participates in amyloid-β processing in a mouse model of alzheimer's disease but plays a minor role in the therapeutic properties of a cannabis based medicineAso Pérez, Ester; Andrés Benito, Pol; Carmona Murillo, Margarita; Maldonado, Rafael, 1961-; Ferrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda)
24-Jun-2020Capacity for seeding and spreading of argyrophilic grain disease in a wild-type murine model; comparisons with primary age-related tauopathyFerrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda); Andrés Benito, Pol; Sala Jarque, Julia; Gil Fernández, Vanessa; Río Fernández, José Antonio del
8-Apr-2019Combined transcriptomics and proteomics in frontal cortex area 8 in frontotemporal lobar degeneration linked to C9ORF72 expansionAndrés Benito, Pol; Gelpi, Ellen; Povedano, Mònica; Ausin, Karina; Fernández Irigoyen, Joaquín; Santamaría, Enrique; Ferrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda)
14-Dec-2022Common and Specific Marks of Different Tau Strains Following Intra-Hippocampal Injection of AD, PiD, and GGT Inoculum in hTau Transgenic MiceFerrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda); Andrés Benito, Pol; Carmona, Margarita; Rio, José Antonio del
4-Oct-2016Delineating the efficacy of a cannabis-based medicine at advanced stages of dementia in a murine modelAso Pérez, Ester; Andrés Benito, Pol; Ferrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda)
27-Apr-2022Differences in Tau Seeding in Newborn and Adult Wild-Type MiceFerrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda); Andrés Benito, Pol; Garcia Esparcia, Paula; López González, Irene; Valiente, Diego; Jordán Pirla, Mónica; Carmona Murillo, Margarita; Sala Jarque, Julia; Gil Fernández, Vanessa; Rio, Jose Antonio del
1-Jan-2021Differential astrocyte and oligodendrocyte vulnerability in murine Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseaseAndrés Benito, Pol; Carmona Murillo, Margarita; Douet, Jean Yves; Cassard, Hervé; Andreoletti, Olivier; Ferrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda)
25-Mar-2021Dual Role of Lysophosphatidic Acid Receptor 2 (LPA2) in Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisPuigdomenech Poch, Maria; Martínez Muriana, Anna; Andrés Benito, Pol; Ferrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda); Chun, Jerold; López Vales, Rubèn
8-Jun-2022Dysregulated Brain Protein Phosphorylation Linked to Increased Human Tau Expression in the hTau Transgenic Mouse ModelFerrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda); Andrés Benito, Pol; Ausín, Karina; Cartas Cejudo, Paz; Lachén Montes, Mercedes; Rio, José Antonio del; Fernández Irigoyen, Joaquín; Santamaría, Enrique
4-Jul-2021Dysregulated protein phosphorylation: A determining condition in the continuum of brain aging and Alzheimer's diseaseFerrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda); Andrés Benito, Pol; Ausín, Karina; Pamplona, Reinald; Rio, José Antonio del; Fernández Irigoyen, Joaquín; Santamaría, Enrique
21-Sep-2022Elevated Cerebrospinal Fluid Proteins and Albumin Determine a Poor Prognosis for Spinal Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisAssialioui, Abdelilah; Domínguez, Raúl; Ferrer, Isidro; Andrés Benito, Pol; Povedano, Mónica