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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jan-2020Invasive marine species discovered on non-native kelp rafts in the warmest Antarctic islandÁvila Escartín, Conxita; Angulo-Preckler, Carlos; Martín-Martín, Rafael Pablo; Figuerola Balañá, Blanca; Griffiths, Huw James; Louise Waller, Catherine
9-Dec-2020More Than Expected From Old Sponge Samples: A Natural Sampler DNA Metabarcoding Assessment of Marine Fish Diversity in Nha Trang Bay (Vietnam)Turon, Marta; Angulo-Preckler, Carlos; Antich, Adrià; Praebel, Kim; Wangensteen Fuentes, Owen S. (Simon)
3-Dec-2020Natural chemical control of marine associated microbial communities by sessile Antarctic invertebratesAngulo-Preckler, Carlos; García-Lopez, Eva; Figuerola, Blanca; Ávila Escartín, Conxita; Cid, Cristina
17-Mar-2021Volcanism and rapid sedimentation affect the benthic communities of Deception Island, AntarcticaAngulo-Preckler, Carlos; Pernet, Philippe; García-Hernández, Cristina; Kereszturi, Gabor; Alvarez-Valero, Antonio M.; Hopfenblatt, Joaquín; Gómez-Ballesteros, María; Otero, Xosé L.; Caza, Jaime; Ruiz-Fernández, Jesús; Geyer, Adelina; Ávila Escartín, Conxita