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16-Sep-2021Control of membrane protein homeostasis by a chaperone-like glial cell adhesion molecule at multiple subcellular locationsXu, Haijin; Isenmann, Sandra; López Hernández, Tania; Estévez, Raúl; Lukacs, Gergely L.; Apaja, Pirjo M.
Mar-2022Ubr1-induced selective endophagy/autophagy protects against the endosomal and Ca2+-induced proteostasis disease stressWang, Ben B.; Xu, Haijin; Isenmann, Sandra; Huang, Cheng; Elorza Vidal, Xabier; Rychkov, Grigori Y.; Estévez, Raúl; Schittenhelm, Ralf B.; Lukacs, Gergely L.; Apaja, Pirjo M.