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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Aug-2021State of the Art on Toxicological Mechanisms of Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles and Strategies to Reduce Toxicological RisksGarcía-Torra, Victor; Cano Fernández, Amanda; Espina García, Marta; Ettcheto Arriola, Miren; Camins Espuny, Antoni; Barroso Fernández, Emma; Vazquez-Carrera, Manel; García López, María Luisa; Sánchez-López, E. (Elena); Souto, Eliana B.
31-Oct-2020State-of-the-art polymeric nanoparticles as promising therapeutic tools against human bacterial infectionsCano Fernández, Amanda; Ettcheto Arriola, Miren; Espina García, Marta; López-Machado, Ana; Cajal Visa, Yolanda; Rabanal Anglada, Francesc; Sánchez-López, E. (Elena); Camins Espuny, Antoni; García López, María Luisa; Souto, Eliana B.
10-May-2021Surface functionalization of PLGA nanoparticles to increase transport across the BBB for Alzheimer's diseaseDel Amo Albiol, Laura; Cano Fernández, Amanda; Ettcheto Arriola, Miren; Souto, Eliana B.; Espina García, Marta; Camins Espuny, Antoni; García, Maria Luisa; Sánchez-López, E. (Elena)
1-Nov-2018The Ethyl Acetate Extract of Leaves of Ugni molinae Turcz. Improves Neuropathological Hallmarks of Alzheimer's Disease in Female APPswe/PS1dE9 Mice Fed with a High Fat DietJara, Daniela; Castro-Torres, Rubén Darío; Ettcheto Arriola, Miren; Auladell i Costa, M. Carme; Kogan, Marcelo J.; Folch, Jaume; Verdaguer Cardona, Ester; Cano Fernández, Amanda; Busquets Figueras, Oriol; Delporte, Carla; Camins Espuny, Antoni
Sep-2019The Involvement of Peripheral and Brain Insulin Resistance in Late Onset Alzheimer's DementiaFolch, Jaume; Olloquequi, Jordi; Ettcheto Arriola, Miren; Busquets Figueras, Oriol; Sánchez-López, E. (Elena); Cano Fernández, Amanda; Espinosa-Jiménez, Triana; García López, María Luisa; Beas Zárate, Carlos; Casadesús, Gemma; Bulló, Mònica; Auladell i Costa, M. Carme; Camins Espuny, Antoni
26-May-2020The Preclinical discovery and development of opicapone for the treatment of Parkinson's DiseaseEttcheto Arriola, Miren; Busquets Figueras, Oriol; Sánchez-López, E. (Elena); Cano Fernández, Amanda; Manzine, Patricia; Verdaguer Cardona, Ester; Olloquequi, Jordi; Auladell i Costa, M. Carme; Folch, Jaume; Camins Espuny, Antoni