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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2020Taking Care of Us from the Neighborhoods in Times of Quarantine. Citizen Solidarity Practices in Vallcarca, Barcelona (Spain)Cano-Hila, Ana Belén; Argemí-Baldich, Rafel
Jul-2021Tourismophobia or touristification? An analysis of the impacts of tourism in Poblenou, BarcelonaSimas, Tarciso Binoti; Le Cocq de Oliveira, Sônia Azevedo; Cano-Hila, Ana Belén
20-Apr-2022Understanding Social Inclusion in Contemporary Society: Challenges, Reflections, Limitations, and ProposalsCano-Hila, Ana Belén
Jul-2014Using narratives to study the impact of social networks on the educational paths of immigrant studentsCano-Hila, Ana Belén; Sandín Esteban, Ma. Paz; Sánchez Martí, Angelina; Torrent Oliva, Ignasi
1-Jan-2017Youth and neighborhood effect in Southern European cities: some pending issues to analyzeCano-Hila, Ana Belén
Nov-2018Youth participation in Spanish urban periphery: its concept, spheres and conditioning factorsCano-Hila, Ana Belén; Sabariego Puig, Marta; Ruiz Bueno, Antonio, 1958-