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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2019Differences in coping strategies among young adults and the elderly with cancerHernández, Raquel; Calderón Garrido, Caterina; Carmona Bayonas, Alberto; Rodríguez Capote, Alejandra; Jara, Carlos; Padilla Alvarez, Airam; Gómez Camacho, María de las Nieves; Beato, Carmen; Castelo, Beatriz; Majem-Tarruella, Margarita; Muñoz, Maria del Mar; Ivars, Alejandra; Mangas-Izquierdo, Montserrat; Rogado Revuelta, Jacobo; Jiménez Fonseca, Paula
Jan-2015Differential MIR-21 expression in plasma from mesenteric versus peripheral veins: an observational study of disease-free survival in surgically resected colon cancer patients.Monzó Planella, Mariano; Martínez Rodenas, Francisco; Moreno, Isabel; Navarro Ponz, Alfons; Santasusagna, Sandra; Macias, Ismael; Muñoz García, Carmen; Tejero Villalba, Rut; Hernández, Raquel
27-Oct-2020Estimation of Risk of Recurrence and Toxicity Among Oncologists and Patients With Resected Breast Cancer: A Quantitative StudyCiria Suárez, Laura; Jiménez Fonseca, Paula; Hernández, Raquel; Rogado, Jacobo; Calderón Garrido, Caterina
23-Feb-2008Estoicismo frente al cáncer: riesgo o protección.Castelo, Beatriz; Palao, Ángela; Carmona-Bayonas, Alberto; Jiménez Fonseca, Paula; Jara, Carlos; Ayala de la Peña, Francisco; Ghanem, Ismael; Higuera, Oliver; Hernández, Raquel; Calderón Garrido, Caterina
10-Mar-2017Exosomal microRNAs isolated from plasma of mesenteric veins linked to liver metastases in resected patients with colon cancerMonzó Planella, Mariano; Santasusagna, Sandra; Moreno, Isabel; Martinez, Francisco; Hernández, Raquel; Muñoz, Carmen; Castellano, Joan Josep; Moreno, Josep; Navarro Ponz, Alfons
8-Dec-2022Fatigue, emotional distress, and illness uncertainty in patients with metastatic cancer: results from the prospective NEOETIC_SEOM studyRodríguez-González, Adán; Velasco-Durántez, Verónica; Martín-Abreu, Carla; Cruz-Castellanos, Patricia; Hernández, Raquel; Gil-Raga, Mireia; García-Torralba, Esmeralda; García-García, Teresa; Jiménez Fonseca, Paula; Calderón Garrido, Caterina
9-Feb-2023Mental Adjustment, functional status, and depression in advanced cancer patientsRodríguez-González, Adán; Velasco-Durántez, Verónica; Cruz-Castellanos, Patricia; Hernández, Raquel; Fernández Montes, Ana; Jiménez Fonseca, Paula; Castillo-Trujillo, Oscar; García-Carrasco, Miguel; Obispo, Berta M.; Rogado, Jacobo; Antoñanzas Basa, Mónica; Calderón Garrido, Caterina
3-Jan-2021Optimism and Social Support as Contributing Factors to Spirituality in Cancer PatientsCiria Suárez, Laura; Calderón Garrido, Caterina; Fernández Montes, Ana; Antoñanzas Basa, Mónica; Hernández, Raquel; Rogado, Jacobo; Pacheco-Barcia, Vilma; Asensio-Martínez, Elena; Palacín Lois, Maria; Jiménez Fonseca, Paula
13-Jul-2021Prediction of quality of life in early breast cancer upon completion of adjuvant chemotherapyCarmona-Bayonas, Alberto; Calderón Garrido, Caterina; Hernández, Raquel; Fernández Montes, Ana; Castelo, Beatriz; Ciria-Suarez, Laura; Antoñanzas Basa, Mónica; Rogado, Jacobo; Pacheco-Barcia, Vilma; Asensio-Martínez, Elena; Ivars, Alejandra; Ayala de la Peña, Francisco; Jiménez Fonseca, Paula
13-Aug-2022Psychological distress and resilience in patients with advanced cancer during the Covid-19 pandemic: the mediating role of spiritualityMihic-Góngora, Luka; Jiménez Fonseca, Paula; Hernández, Raquel; Gil-Raga, Mireia; Pacheco-Barcia, Vilma; Manzano Fernández, Aránzazu; Hernando Polo, Susana; Antoñanzas Basa, Mónica; Corral, María-José; Valero-Arbizu, María; Calderón Garrido, Caterina
1-Apr-2021Psychometric Properties of the PDRQ-9 in Cancer Patients: Patient-Doctor Relationship QuestionnaireCalderón Garrido, Caterina; Lorenzo Seva, Urbano; Ferrando Piera, Pere Joan; Martínez-Cabañes, Ruth; Higuera, Oliver; Gómez-Sánchez, David; Palacín Lois, Maria; Pacheco-Barcia, Vilma; Hernández, Raquel; Fernández-Andújar, Marina; Ferreira García, Estrella; Carmona-Bayonas, Alberto; Jiménez Fonseca, Paula
28-Jul-2022Stoic attitude in patients with cancer from the NEOcoping study: cross-sectional studyGómez, David; Carmona Bayonas, Alberto; Hernández, Raquel; Higuera, Oliver; Rogado, Jacobo; Pacheco-Barcia, Vilma; Valero, María; Gil-Raga, Mireia; Muñoz, Maria del Mar; Carrión-Galindo, Rafael; Jiménez Fonseca, Paula; Calderón Garrido, Caterina
17-Feb-2023Using the emotional functioning in clinical practice to detect psychological distress in patients with advanced thoracic and colorectal cancerRodríguez-González, Adán; Hernández, Raquel; Cruz-Castellanos, Patricia; Fernández Montes, Ana; Castillo-Trujillo, Oscar; Muñoz, María M.; Cano, Juana María; Corral, María-José; Esteban, Emilio; Jiménez Fonseca, Paula; Calderón Garrido, Caterina