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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-May-2018The relationship between physician and cancer patient when initiating adjuvant treatment and its association with sociodemographic and clinical variablesJiménez Fonseca, Paula; Calderón Garrido, Caterina; Carmona-Bayonas, Alberto; Muñoz, Maria del Mar; Hernández, R.; Mut-Lloret, M.; Ghanem, I.; Beato, Carmen; Cacho-Lavín, D.; Ivars-Rubio, A.; Carrión, R.; Jara, Carlos
24-Mar-2023The Relationship between Therapeutic Alliance and Quality of Care in Patients with Advanced Cancer in SpainVelasco-Durántez, Verónica; Mihic-Góngora, Luka; Coca-Membribes, Sara; Galán-Moral, Rocío; Fernández Montes, Ana; Castillo-Trujillo, Oscar; Sorribes, Elena; Quilez, Alicia; Puntí-Brun, Laura; Jiménez Fonseca, Paula; Calderón Garrido, Caterina
17-Feb-2023Using the emotional functioning in clinical practice to detect psychological distress in patients with advanced thoracic and colorectal cancerRodríguez-González, Adán; Hernández, Raquel; Cruz-Castellanos, Patricia; Fernández Montes, Ana; Castillo-Trujillo, Oscar; Muñoz, María M.; Cano, Juana María; Corral, María-José; Esteban, Emilio; Jiménez Fonseca, Paula; Calderón Garrido, Caterina
18-May-2017Validation of the Sahred Decision Making Questionnaire-Physician version (SDM-Q-Doc) in oncology practiceCalderón Garrido, Caterina; Ferrando Piera, Pere Joan; Carmona-Bayonas, Alberto; Lorenzo Seva, Urbano; Jara, Carlos; Beato, Carmen; Garcia, T.; Ramchandani, Avinash; Castelo, Beatriz; Muñoz, Maria del Mar; Garcia, S.; Higuera, Oliver; Mangas-Izquierdo, Montserrat; Jiménez Fonseca, Paula
1-Jan-2019Validity and Reliability of the Decision Regret Scale in Cancer Patients Receiving Adjuvant ChemotherapyCalderón Garrido, Caterina; Ferrando Piera, Pere Joan; Lorenzo Seva, Urbano; Higuera, O.; Ramón y Cajal, Teresa; Rogado Revuelta, Jacobo; Mut-Lloret, M.; Rodríguez Capote, Alejandra; Jara, Carlos; Jiménez Fonseca, Paula
1-May-2017Why Young patients with cancer requiere different coping tools?Calderón Garrido, Caterina; Jiménez Fonseca, Paula; Carmona-Bayonas, Alberto; Jara, C