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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Sep-2017Double deficiency of Trex2 and DNase1L2 nucleases leads to accumulation of DNA in lingual cornifying keratinocytes without activating inflammatory responsesManils Pacheco, Joan; Fischer, Heinz; Climent, Joan; Casas, Eduard; García Martínez, Celia; Bas, Jordi; Sukseree, Supawadee; Vavouri, Tanya; Ciruela Alférez, Francisco; Anta i Vinyals, Josep Maria de; Tschachler, Erwin; Eckhart, Leopold; Soler Prat, Concepció
9-Jul-2022Exonucleases: degrading DNA to deal with genome damage, cell death, inflammation and cancerManils Pacheco, Joan; Marruecos, Laura; Soler Prat, Concepció
15-Jun-2015Multifaceted role of TREX2 in the skin defense against UV-induced skin carcinogenesisManils Pacheco, Joan; Gómez Fernández, Diana Lucía; Salla i Martret, Mercè; Fischer, Heinz; Marzo, Elena; Marruecos, Laura; Serrano, Inma; Salgado, Rocío; Rodrigo, Juan P.; Garcia-Pedrero, Juana M.; Serafin, Anna M.; Cañas, Xavier; Benito González, Carmen; Toll Abelló, Agustí; Forcales Fernàndez, Sonia-Vanina; Perrino, Fred W.; Eckhart, Leopold; Soler Prat, Concepció
13-Feb-2015Paper de l’exonucleasa TREX2 en la biología i patologia de la pellManils Pacheco, Joan
6-Apr-2021Single loss of a Trp53 allele triggers an increased oxidative, DNA damage and cytokine inflammatory responses through deregulation of IκBα expressionMarruecos, Laura; Manils Pacheco, Joan; Moreta, Cristina; Gómez Fernández, Diana Lucía; Filgaira, Ingrid; Serafin, Anna M.; Cañas, Xavier; Espinosa, Lluís; Soler Prat, Concepció