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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2015L1 reading factors in extensive L2 reading-while-listening instructionGrañena, Gisela; Muñoz Lahoz, Carme; Tragant Mestres, Elsa
11-Oct-1995La adquisición del inglés de un niño bilingüe (catalán-inglés)Pérez Vidal, Carmen
26-Nov-2010Language Aptitude in Young Learners: The Elementary Modern Language Aptitude Test in Spanish and CatalanSuárez, Maria del Mar
Jul-2012Language dominance, preference and awareness: a case study of two multilingual children in a bilingual communityCokely, Melissa
22-Nov-2019Language learning through extensive TV viewing. A study with adolescent EFL learnersPujadas Jorba, Geòrgia
16-Dec-2010Learning from the input: syntactic, semantic and phonological cues to the noun category in EnglishFeijóo Antolín, Sara
19-May-2022Learning grammatical constructions from audio-visual inputPlotnikova, Anastasiia
Jul-2020Measuring orthographic and phonological vocabulary size in EFL learners: the impact of cognateness and out-of-school exposureNardon, Andrea
2011More evidence concerning the aspect hypothesis: The acquisition of English progressive aspect by Catalan-Spanish instructed learnersMuñoz Lahoz, Carme; Gilabert Guerrero, Roger
29-Sep-2017More than Words Alone: Reference to Motion in L3 Learners’ Oral NarrativesTer Avest, Irene
5-Aug-2015Morphosyntactic cues to noun categorization in English child-directed speechFeijóo Antolín, Sara; Muñoz Lahoz, Carme; Serrat Sellabona, Elisabet
2007Same hours, different time distribution: any difference in EFL?Serrano Serrano, Raquel; Muñoz Lahoz, Carme
1-May-1986El Sistema pronominal en inglés y castellano: análisis contrastivoMuñoz Lahoz, Carme
2014Starting age and other influential factors: Insights from learner interviewsMuñoz Lahoz, Carme
17-Jun-2021Supporting FL students' writing through metacognitive writing strategiesGrymalska Tkach, Iryna
21-Jan-2005Task Complexity and L2 Narrative Oral ProductionGilabert Guerrero, Roger
Jun-2022The connection between foreign language anxiety and English pronunciation levelPlana Alemany, Rosa
2016The Foreign Language Classroom: Current Perspectives and Future ConsiderationsCollins, Laura; Muñoz Lahoz, Carme
2017The role of age and proficiency in subtitle reading. An eye-tracking studyMuñoz Lahoz, Carme
23-Nov-2007Time Distribution and the Acquisition of English as a Foreign LanguageSerrano Serrano, Raquel