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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2020Neurologic Involvement in COVID-19: Cause or Coincidence? A Neuroimaging PerspectivePons Escoda, Albert; Naval Baudin, Pablo; Majós Torró, Carlos; Camins, Àngels; Cardona, Pedro; Cos, Mònica; Calvo, Nahum
1-Apr-2021Perilesional edema in brain metastases as predictive factor of response to systemic therapy in non-small cell lung cancer patients: a preliminary studyAlemany, Montse; Domènech, Marta; Argyriou, Andreas A.; Vilariño, Noelia; Majós Torró, Carlos; Naval Baudin, Pablo; Lucas, Anna; Palmero, Ramón; Simó, Marta; Nadal, Ernest; Bruna, Jordi
12-Jan-2021Precise enhancement quantification in post-operative MRI as an indicator of residual tumor impact is associated with survival in patients with glioblastomaGarcía Ruiz, Alonso; Naval Baudin, Pablo; Ligero, Marta; Pons Escoda, Albert; Bruna, Jordi; Plans, Gerard; Calvo, Nahum; Cos, Mònica; Majós Torró, Carlos; Pérez López, Raquel
8-Sep-2021Risk of Developing Epilepsy after Autoimmune EncephalitisGifreu, Ariadna; Falip, Mercè; Sala Padró, Jacint; Mongay, Neus; Morandeira-Rego, Francisco; Camins, Àngels; Naval Baudin, Pablo; Veciana de las Heras, Misericordia; Fernández, Montserrat; Pedro, Jordi; Garcia Parra, Belia; Arroyo, Pablo; Simó, Marta
4-Oct-2022The role of the anterior insular cortex in self-monitoring: a novel study protocol with electrical stimulation mapping and functional magnetic resonance imagingGomez-Andres, Alba; Cunillera, Toni; Rico-Pons, Imma; Naval Baudin, Pablo; Camins, Angels; Fernandez-Coello, Alejandro; Gabarrós, Andreu; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni