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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The Alkaloids of the Madangamine GroupAmat Tusón, Mercedes; Pérez Bosch, Maria; Ballette, Roberto; Proto, Stefano; Bosch Cartes, Joan
28-Oct-2022The Effects of Differentiated Organic Fertilization on Tomato Production and Phenolic Content in Traditional and High-Yielding VarietiesGonzález-Coria, Johana; Lozano-Castellón, Julián; Jaime-Rodríguez, Carolina; Olmo-Cunillera, Alexandra; Laveriano-Santos, Emily P.; Pérez Bosch, Maria; Lamuela Raventós, Rosa Ma.; Puig, Jordi; Vallverdú i Queralt, Anna; Romanyà i Socoró, Joan
30-Mar-2021Total Analysis of the Major Secoiridoids in Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Validation of an UHPLC-ESI-MS/MS MethodLozano-Castellón, Julián; López-Yerena, Anallely; Olmo-Cunillera, Alexandra; Jáuregui Pallarés, Olga; Pérez Bosch, Maria; Lamuela Raventós, Rosa Ma.; Vallverdú i Queralt, Anna
2-May-2014Total Synthesis of (+)-Madangamine DBallette, Roberto; Pérez Bosch, Maria; Proto, Stefano; Amat Tusón, Mercedes; Bosch Cartes, Joan
23-May-2014Total synthesis of (+)-Madangamine D (Tesi)Ballette, Roberto
17-Sep-2020Traceability, Authenticity and Sustainability of Cocoa and Chocolate Products: a Challenge for the Chocolate IndustryPérez Bosch, Maria; López-Yerena, Anallely; Vallverdú i Queralt, Anna
10-Jun-2014Tryptophanol-derived oxazolopiperidone lactams: identification of a hit compound as NMDA receptor antagonistPereira, Nuno A. L.; Sureda, Francesc X.; Esplugas, Roser; Pérez Bosch, Maria; Amat Tusón, Mercedes; Santos, Maria M. M.
28-Sep-2018Una estrategia unificada para la síntesis enantioselectiva de los alcaloides del grupo de las madangaminasAre, Celeste
2014Unsaturated Oxazolopiperidone Lactams: an Unexpected Domino-type Double Conjugate Addition<br>cyclization ProcessAmat Tusón, Mercedes; Llor Brunés, Núria; Checa Castaño, Begoña; Pérez Bosch, Maria; Bosch Cartes, Joan