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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980Integrability: a difficult analytical problemSimó, Carles
1-Mar-1990Invariant manifolds and bifurcations for one-dimensional and two-dimensional dissipative mapsTatjer i Montaña, Joan Carles
1991Measuring the lack of integrabiity of the J_{2} problem for earth's satellitesSimó, Carles
5-Dec-1985Mesura del trencament de separatrius en famílies de difeomorfismes amb punts hiperbòlicsFontich, Ernest, 1955-
1982Necessary and sufficient conditions for the geometrical regularization of singularitiesSimó, Carles
18-Jan-2016Obstructions to the integrability of hamiltonian systems from differential Galois theoryFerrer Campo, Àlex
11-Oct-1991On Quasiperiodic Perturbations of Ordinary Differential EquationsJorba i Monte, Àngel
12-Dec-2018On the 'hidden' harmonics associated to best approximants due to quasi-periodicity in splitting phenomenaFontich, Ernest, 1955-; Simó, Carles; Vieiro Yanes, Arturo
9-Jul-2007On the Meromorphic Non-Integrability of Some Problems in Celestial MechanicsSimon i Estrada, Sergi
1-Jan-1984Por qué la difusión de Arnold aparece genéricamente en los sistemas hamiltonianos con más de dos grados de libertad.Delshams, Amadeu
2-Oct-1998The Primitive Function of an Exact Symplectomorphism. Variational principles, Converse KAM Theory and the problems of determination and interpolationHaro, Àlex
17-Jan-2013Richness of dynamics and global bifurcations in systems with a homoclinic figure-eightGonchenko, Sergey V.; Simó, Carles; Vieiro Yanes, Arturo
1973Solución al problema de Lambert mediante regularizaciónSimó, Carles
Jun-2016Sources of chaos in celestial mechanics problemsFerrer Campo, Àlex
21-Mar-2019Splitting of the separatrices after a Hamiltonian-Hopf bifurcation under periodic forcingFontich, Ernest, 1955-; Simó, Carles; Vieiro Yanes, Arturo
1982Stability of degenerated fixed points of analytic area preserving mappingsSimó, Carles
1980Stability of parabolic points of area preserving analytic diffeomorphismsSimó, Carles
21-Dec-2016Transport phenomena and anomalous diffusion in conservative systems of low dimensionMiguel Baños, Narcís
1-Jan-1974La variedad de orbitas keplerianas y la teoría general de perturbacionesSimó, Carles