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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Nov-2017Degradación de contaminantes de aguas residuales de la producción de aceite de oliva mediante procesos electroquímicos de oxidación avanzadaFlores Tapia, Nelly Esther
16-Mar-2018Degradation of 4-aminoantipyrine by elecro-oxidation with a boron-doped diamond anode: optimization by central composite design, oxidation products and toxicityDa Silva, Lucas de Melo; Gozzi, Fábio; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Brillas, Enric; De Oliveira, Silvio César; Machulek Jr., Amílcar
2018Degradation of herbicide S-metolachlor by electrochemical AOPs using a boron-doped diamond anodeGuelfi, Diego Roberta de Vieira; Gozzi, Fábio; Machulek Jr., Amílcar; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Brillas, Enric; De Oliveira, Silvio César
29-Jan-2020Degradation of phenols by heterogeneous electro-Fenton with a Fe3O4-chitosan composite and a boron-doped diamond anodePujol, Alberto A.; León, Itzel; Cárdenas, Jesús; Sepúlveda-Guzmán, Selene; Manríquez, Juan; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Bustos, Erika
1-Mar-2017Degradation of the insecticide propoxur by electrochemical advanced oxidation processes using a boron-doped diamond/air-diffusion cellGuelfi, Diego Roberta de Vieira; Gozzi, Fábio; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Brillas, Enric; Machulek Jr., Amílcar; De Oliveira, Silvio César
Oct-2016Degradation of trans-ferulic acid in acidic aqueous medium by anodic oxidation, electro-Fenton and photoelectro-FentonFlores Tapia, Nelly Esther; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Garrido Ponce, José Antonio; Centellas Masuet, Francesc A.; Rodríguez González, Rosa Ma.; Cabot Julià, Pere-Lluís; Brillas, Enric
20-Mar-2024Development of a 3D Ni-Mn binary oxide anode for energy-efficient electro-oxidation of organic pollutantsMirehbar, K.; Sánchez, J.S.; Pinilla, S.; Oropeza, F.E.; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; de la Peña O’Shea, V.A.; Palma, J.; Lado, J.J.
14-Feb-2024Development of a TiO 2 nanotube photoanode decorated with MIL-53(Fe) for the photoelectrochemical degradation of 2,4-dimethylanilineDa Silva, T.F.; Cavalheri, P.S.; Cardoso, J.C.; Nazario, C.E.D.; Jorge, J.; Martines, M.A.U.; Ravaglia, L.M.; Alcantara, G.B.; Casagrande, G.A.; Caires, A.R.L.; Cavalcante, R.P.; de Oliveira, S.C.; Gozzi, F.; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Machulek Jr., A.
27-Feb-2024Development of TiO2-based photocatalysts with high photocatalytic activity under simulated solar light: Metoprolol degradation and optimization via Box-BehnkenCunha, R.F.; Da Silva, T.F.; Cavalcante, R.P.; Da Silva, L.M.; Nazario, C.E.D.; Wender, H.; Casagrande, G.A.; de Oliveira, L.C.S.; Marco Buj, Pilar; Giménez Farreras, Jaume; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Machulek Junior., A.; Oliveira, Silvio C. de
21-Oct-2022Diffusion-charge transfer characterization of a rotating cylinder electrode reactor used for the complete electrocatalytic removal of nitrate from waterOriol, Roger; Nava, José L.; Brillas, Enric; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
17-Aug-2022Editorial 'Spain-France Special Collection: Current Trends in Electrochemistry'Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Rodrigo, Manuel A.; Gomez-Mingot, Maria; Roberts, Edward P.L.
10-Dec-2021Editorial overview: Electrochemical technologies for wastewater treatment with a bright future in the forthcoming years to benefit of our societyMartínez-Huitle, Carlos Alberto; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Rodrigo, Manuel A.
23-Jan-2017Effect of electrogenerated hydroxyl radicals, active chlorine and organic matter on the electrochemical inactivation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa using BDD and dimensionally stable anodesBruguera Casamada, Carmina; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Brillas, Enric; Araujo Boira, Rosa Ma.
20-Jun-2016Effect of RVC porosity on the performance of PbO2 composite coatings with titanate nanotubes for the electrochemical oxidation of azo dyesRamírez, Gonzalo; Recio, Francisco Javier; Herrasti, Pilar; Ponce de León, Carlos; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
13-May-2022Effect of Thermal Treatment on Nickel-Cobalt Electrocatalysts for Glycerol OxidationAndreu Arbella, Teresa; Mallafré, Maria; Molera Janer, Martí; Sarret i Pons, Maria; Oriol, Roger; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
4-Apr-2024Effective degradation of phenacetin in wastewater by (photo)electro-Fenton processes: Investigation of variables, acute toxicity, and intermediatesCardoso, R.; Da Silva, T.F.; Cavalheri, P.S.; Machado, B.S.; Nazario, C.E.D.; Machulek Junior, A.; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Gozzi, F.; Oliveira, Silvio C. de
28-Jun-2019Electro-Fenton process at mild pH using Fe(III)-EDDS as soluble catalyst and carbon felt as cathodeYe, Zhihong; Brillas, Enric; Centellas Masuet, Francesc A.; Cabot Julià, Pere-Lluís; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
1-Mar-2018Electrochemical advanced oxidation of carbofuran in aqueous sulfate and/or chloride media using a flow cell with a RuO2-based anode and an air diffusion cathode at pre-pilot scaleThiam, Abdoulaye; Salazar, Ricardo; Brillas, Enric; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
12-Jan-2007Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation Processes for the Removal of the Drugs Paracetamol, Clofibric Acid and Chlorophene from WatersSirés Sadornil, Ignacio
1-Mar-2017Electrochemical destruction of trans-cinnamic acid by advanced oxidation processes: kinetics, mineralization, and degradation routeFlores Tapia, Nelly Esther; Thiam, Abdoulaye; Rodríguez González, Rosa Ma.; Centellas Masuet, Francesc A.; Cabot Julià, Pere-Lluís; Garrido Ponce, José Antonio; Brillas, Enric; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio