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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2019Understanding the long-term dynamics of forest transition: Fromdeforestation to afforestation in a Mediterranean landscape (Catalonia, 1868-2005)Cervera Zaragoza, Teresa; Pino i Vilalta, Joan; Marull, Joan; Padró i Caminal, Roc; Tello, Enric
1-Feb-2023Using thermodynamics to understand the links between energy, information, structure and biodiversity in a human-transformed landscapeMarull, Joan; Pino i Vilalta, Joan; Melero Cavero, Yolanda; Tello, Enric
1990Vendre per pagar. La comercialització forçada a l'Urgell i la Segarra al final del segle XVIIITello, Enric
May-2014Vine-growing in Catalonia: the main agricultural change underlying the earliest industrialization in Mediterranean Europe (1720-1939)Badia-Miró, Marc; Tello, Enric
Oct-2016Widening the analysis of Energy Return on Investment (EROI) in agro-ecosystems: Socio-ecological transitions to industrialized farm systems (the Vallès County, Catalonia, c.1860 and 1999)Galán del Castillo, Elena; Padró i Caminal, Roc; Marco Lafuente, Inés; Tello, Enric; Cunfer, Geoff; Guzmán Casado, Gloria I.; González de Molina, Manuel; Krausmann, Fridolin; Gingrich, Simone; Sacristán Adinolfi, Vera; Moreno-Delgado, David