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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020An Embodied Perspective as a Victim of Sexual Harassment in Virtual Reality Reduces Action Conformity in a Later Milgram Obedience ScenarioNeyret, Solène; Navarro, Xavi; Beacco, Alejandro; Oliva, Ramon; Bourdin, Pierre; Valenzuela, Jose; Barberia, Itxaso; Slater, Mel
22-Feb-2022Experimental Enhancement of Feelings of Transcendence, Tenderness, and Expressiveness by Music in Christian Liturgical SpacesLópez-Mochales, Samantha; Jiménez-Pasalodos, Raquel; Valenzuela, Jose; Gutiérrez-Cajaraville, Carlos; Díaz-Andreu, Margarita; Escera i Micó, Carles
18-Dec-2020Psychology Meets Archaeology: Psychoarchaeoacoustics for Understanding Ancient Minds and Their Relationship to the SacredValenzuela, Jose; Díaz-Andreu, Margarita; Escera i Micó, Carles