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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jan-2022Increased Circulating Levels of Growth Differentiation Factor 15 in Association with Metabolic Disorders in People Living with HIV Receiving Combined Antiretroviral TherapyDomingo, Pere (Domingo Pedrol); Mateo, María Gracia; Villarroya i Terrade, Joan; Cereijo Téllez, Rubén; Torres, Ferran; Domingo i Pedrol, Joan Carles; Campderrós, Laura; Gallego-Escuredo, José M.; Gutierrez, María del Mar; Mur, Isabel; Corbacho, Noemí; Vidal, Francesc; Villarroya i Gombau, Francesc; Giralt i Oms, Marta
7-Feb-2019Secretory proteome of brown adipocytes in response to cAMP-mediated thermogenic activationVillarroya i Terrade, Joan; Cereijo Téllez, Rubén; Giralt i Oms, Marta; Villarroya i Gombau, Francesc
Aug-2015The molecular signature of HIV-1-associated Lipomatosis reveals differential involvement of Brown and Beige/Brite Adipocyte cell lineagesCereijo Téllez, Rubén; Gallego Escuredo, José Miguel; Moure Ortega, Ricardo; Villarroya i Terrade, Joan; Domingo i Pedrol, Joan Carles; Fontdevila Font, Joan; Martínez Chamorro, Esteban José; Gutiérrez, Maria del Mar; Gracia Mateo, María; Giralt i Oms, Marta; Domingo, Pere (Domingo Pedrol); Villarroya i Gombau, Francesc
29-Mar-2021The relative deficit of GDF15 in adolescent girls with PCOS can be changed into an abundance that reduces liver fatde Zegher, Francis; Díaz, Marta; Villarroya i Terrade, Joan; Cairo Calzada, Montserrat; López-Bermejo, Abel; Villarroya i Gombau, Francesc; Ibáñez Toda, Lourdes
Dec-2011Thymidine kinase 2 deficiency-induced mitochondrial DNA depletion causes abnormal development of adipose tissues and adipokine levels in miceVillarroya i Terrade, Joan; Dorado, Beatriz; Vilà, Maya R.; García Arumí, Elena; Domingo, Pere (Domingo Pedrol); Giralt i Oms, Marta; Hirano, Michio; Villarroya i Gombau, Francesc