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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Oct-2011Compartmentation of glycogen metabolism revealed from 13C isotopologue distributionsMarín de Mas, Igor Bartolomé; Selivanov, Vitaly; Marín Martínez, Silvia; Roca Elias, Josep; Oresic, Matej; Agius, Loranne; Cascante i Serratosa, Marta
6-Mar-2020Metformin lowers Glucose 6-phosphate in hepatocytes by activation of glycolysis downstream of glucose phosphorylationMoonira, Tabassum; Chachra, Shruti S.; Ford, Brian E.; Marin Martinez, Silvia; Alshawi, Ahmed; Adam-Primus, Natasha S.; Arden, Catherine; Al-Oanzi, Ziad H.; Foretz, Marc; Viollet, Benoit; Cascante i Serratosa, Marta; Agius, Loranne