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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2019Cognitive rigidity in patients with depression and fibromyalgiaAguilera, María del Carmen; Paz, Clara; Compañ, Victoria; Medina Alcaraz, Juan Carlos; Feixas i Viaplana, Guillem
3-Jan-2021Differential effects of schizotypy dimensions on creative personality and creative productsAguilera, María del Carmen; Rodríguez-Ferreiro, Javier
Sep-2009Early adversity and 5-HTT-BDNF genes:  New evidences of Gene-Environment interactions on depressive symptoms in a general populationAguilera, María del Carmen; Arias Sampériz, Bárbara; Wichers, Marieke; Barrantes Vidal, Neus; Moya Higueras, Jorge; Villa Martín, Helena; Os, J. van (Jim van); Ibáñez Ribes, Manuel Ignacio; Ruipérez Rodríguez, María Ángeles; Ortet i Fabregat, Generós; Fañanás Saura, Lourdes
2013Efficacy of a dilemma-focused intervention for unipolar depression: study protocol for a multicenter randomized controlled trialFeixas i Viaplana, Guillem; Bados López, Arturo; García Grau, Eugeni; Montesano del Campo, Adrián; Dada, Gloria; Compañ, Victoria; Aguilera, María del Carmen; Salla Martínez, Marta; Soldevilla Alberti, Joan Miquel; Trujillo, Adriana; Paz, Clara; Botella, Lluís; Corbella, Sergi; Saúl Gutiérrez, Luis Ángel; Cañete Crespillo, Josep; Gasol, Miquel; Ibarra, Montserrat; Medeiros-Ferreira, Leticia; Soriano, José; Ribeiro, Eugénia
19-Jul-2023Impact of Childhood Trauma on Levels of Depressive Symptoms, Pain, Functionality, and Cognitive Conflicts in FibromyalgiaRibeiro, Anita Julieta
4-Jun-2012Measuring cognitive conflits and their relevance for unipolar depressionFeixas i Viaplana, Guillem; Montesano del Campo, Adrián; Compañ, Victoria; Salla Martínez, Marta; Hornos, Camila; Trujillo, Adriana; Aguilera, María del Carmen
Jun-2020Personal Construct Therapy vs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the Treatment of Depression in Women with Fibromyalgia: Study Protocol for a Multicenter Randomized Controlled TrialPaz, Clara; Aguilera, María del Carmen; Salla Martínez, Marta; Compañ, Victoria; Medina Alcaraz, Juan Carlos; Bados López, Arturo; García Grau, Eugeni; Castel, Antoni; Cañete Crespillo, Josep; Montesano del Campo, Adrián; Madeiros-Ferreira, L.; Feixas i Viaplana, Guillem
1-Sep-2022Personal construct therapy vs. cognitive behavioural therapy in the treatment of depression in women with fibromyalgia: A multicentre randomized controlled trial with a 6-month follow-upAguilera, María del Carmen; Paz, Clara; Salla Martínez, Marta; Feixas i Viaplana, Guillem
2020Positive schizotypy increases the acceptance of unpresented materials in false memory tasks in non-clinical individualsRodríguez-Ferreiro, Javier; Aguilera, María del Carmen; Davies, Robert
2019Schizotypal personality and semantic functioning: Revisiting category fluency effects in a subclinical sampleRodríguez-Ferreiro, Javier; Aguilera, María del Carmen
30-Jul-2020Semantic priming and schizotypal personality: reassessing the link between thought disorder and enhanced spreading of semantic activationRodríguez-Ferreiro, Javier; Aguilera, María del Carmen; Davies, Robert
1-Sep-2022The effects of Cumulative Trauma and Cognitive Rigidity on the Severity of Depressive Disorder: Preliminary ResultsSalla Martínez, Marta; Aguilera, María del Carmen; Paz, Clara; Moya Higueras, Jorge; Feixas i Viaplana, Guillem
27-Feb-2012The role of genetic variability in the SLC6A4, BDNF and GABRA6 genes in anxiety related traitsArias Sampériz, Bárbara; Aguilera, María del Carmen; Moya Higueras, Jorge; Sáiz Martínez, Pilar Alejandra; Villa, H.; Ibáñez Ribes, Manuel Ignacio; García-Portillo, M.A.; Ruipérez Rodríguez, María Ángeles; Bobes García, Julio; Ortet i Fabregat, Generós; Fañanás Saura, Lourdes
9-Dec-2021Vocabulary abilities and parents' emotional regulation predict emotional regulation in school-age children but not adolescents with and without Developmental Language DisorderAguilera, María del Carmen; Ahufinger, Nadia; Esteve-Gibert, Núria; Ferinu, Laura; Andreu Barrachina, Llorenç; Sanz-Torrent, Mònica
2011What changes in the personal construct system during psychotherapy?. A naturalistic study of brief construct therapyPucurull, Olga; Feixas i Viaplana, Guillem; Aguilera, María del Carmen; Carrera Fernández, María Jesús