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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Nov-2019Assessing salt-surfactant synergistic effects on interfacial tension from molecular dynamics simulationsAlonso, Gerard; Gamallo Belmonte, Pablo; Mejía, Andrés; Sayós Ortega, Ramón
8-Oct-2019Combining soft-SAFT and COSMO-RS modeling tools to assess the CO2-SO2 separation using phosphonium-based ionic liquidsAlonso, Gerard; Gamallo Belmonte, Pablo; Sayós Ortega, Ramón; Llovell, F.
5-Feb-2018Density functional theory-based adsorption isotherms for pure and flue gas mixtures on Mg-MOF-74. Application in CO2 capture swing adsorption processesAlonso, Gerard; Bahamón García, Daniel; Keshavarz, Fatemeh; Giménez i Font, Xavier; Gamallo Belmonte, Pablo; Sayós Ortega, Ramón
17-Jan-2020Effect of nanoparticles in molten salts - MD simulations and experimental studySvobodova Sedlackova, Adela; Barreneche, Camila; Alonso, Gerard; Fernández Renna, Ana Inés; Gamallo Belmonte, Pablo
1-May-2017y Optimal Faujasite structures for post combustion CO2 capture and separation in different swing adsorption processesPrats Garcia, Hèctor; Bahamón García, Daniel; Alonso, Gerard; Giménez i Font, Xavier; Gamallo Belmonte, Pablo; Sayós Ortega, Ramón
29-Oct-2021Zeolite-encapsulated single-atom catalysts for efficient CO2 conversionAlonso, Gerard; López Marne, Estefanía; Huarte Larrañaga, Fermín; Sayós Ortega, Ramón; Prats Garcia, Hèctor; Gamallo Belmonte, Pablo