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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Feb-2011MYADM regulates Rac1 targeting to ordered membranes required for cell spreading and migrationAranda, Juan Francisco; Reglero-Real, Natalia; Kremer, Leonor; Marcos-Ramiro, Beatriz; Ruiz-Sáenz, Ana; Calvo Ademuz, Maria; Enrich Bastús, Carles; Correas, Isabel; Millán, Jaime; Alonso, Miguel Ángel
2015The MAL protein is crucial for proper membrane condensation at the ciliary base, which is required for primary cilium elongationReales, Elena; Bernabé Rubio, Miguel; Casares Arias, Javier; Rentero Alfonso, Carles; Fernández Barrera, Jaime; Rangel, Laura; Correas, Isabel; Enrich Bastús, Carles; Andrés, Germán; Alonso, Miguel Ángel