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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2020Advances in anaerobic membrane bioreactor technology for municipal wastewater treatment: A 2020 updated reviewVinardell Cruañas, Sergi; Astals Garcia, Sergi; Peces, Miriam; Cardete García, Mª Alicia; Fernández, Isaac; Mata Álvarez, Joan; Dosta Parras, Joan
2-May-2022Ammonia recovery from acidogenic fermentation effluents using a gas-permeable membrane contactorSerra-Toro, A.; Vinardell Cruañas, Sergi; Astals Garcia, Sergi; Madurga Díez, Sergio; Llorens, J.; Mata Álvarez, Joan; Mas i Pujadas, Francesc; Dosta Parras, Joan
13-Aug-2022Ammoniacal nitrogen recovery from pig slurry using a novel hydrophobic/ hydrophilic selective membraneSerra-Toro, A.; Astals Garcia, Sergi; Madurga Díez, Sergio; Mata Álvarez, Joan; Mas i Pujadas, Francesc; Dosta Parras, Joan
Sep-2020Anaerobic co-digestion effluent as substrate for chlorella vulgaris and scenedesmus obliquus cultivationScarponi, Paolina; Bonetto, Alessandro; Bolzonella, David; Astals Garcia, Sergi; Cavinato, Cristina
1-Jan-2021Anaerobic membrane bioreactor performance at different wastewater pre-concentration factors: An experimental and economic studyVinardell Cruañas, Sergi; Astals Garcia, Sergi; Jaramillo, Marta; Mata Álvarez, Joan; Dosta Parras, Joan
Feb-2017Assessing the usefulness of clostridia spores for evaluating sewage sludge hygienizationMartín Díaz, Julia; Ruiz Hernando, María; Astals Garcia, Sergi; Lucena Gutiérrez, Francisco
Jun-2019Assessing Volatile Fatty Acids production from food waste at MBT plants: focusing on temperature influenceFernández Domínguez, David
Jun-2021Co-digestion of sewage sludge and food waste in a wastewater treatment plant based on mainstream anaerobic membrane bioreactor technology: A techno-economic evaluationVinardell Cruañas, Sergi; Astals Garcia, Sergi; Koch, Konrad; Mata Álvarez, Joan; Dosta Parras, Joan
2020Design of an innovative collection System for the organic fraction of municipal solid wasteLópez Díaz, Andrés
20-Nov-2019Development and Validation of a Low-Cost Gas Density Method for Measuring Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP)Justesen, Camilla G.; Astals Garcia, Sergi; Mortensen, Jacob R.; Thorsen, Rasmus; Koch, Konrad; Weinrich, Sören; Triolo, Jin Mi; Hafner, Sasha D.
15-Sep-2014Effect of ultrasound, low-temperature thermal and alkali pre-treatments on waste activated sludge rheology, hygienization and methane potentialRuiz Hernando, María; Martín Díaz, Julia; Labanda, Jordi; Mata Álvarez, Joan; Llorens Llacuna, Joan; Lucena Gutiérrez, Francisco; Astals Garcia, Sergi
1-May-2020Evaluation of common supermarket products as positive controls in biochemical methane potential (BMP) testsKoch, Konrad; Hafner, Sasha D.; Astals Garcia, Sergi; Weinrich, Sören
6-Dec-2019Exploring the potential of co-fermenting sewage sludge and lipids in a resource recovery scenarioPeces, Miriam; Pozo, Guillermo; Koch, Konrad; Dosta Parras, Joan; Astals Garcia, Sergi
2022Gamma distribution function to understand anaerobic digestion kinetics: Kinetic constants are not constantDa Silva, C.; Peces, M.; Faundez, M.; Hansen, H.; Campos, J.L.; Dosta Parras, Joan; Astals Garcia, Sergi
2022Impact of food waste composition on acidogenic co-fermentation with waste activated sludgeVidal Antich, Carme; Peces, M.; Perez-Esteban, N.; Mata Álvarez, Joan; Dosta Parras, Joan; Astals Garcia, Sergi
15-Jun-2022Impact of permeate flux and gas sparging rate on membrane performance and process economics of granular anaerobic membrane bioreactorsVinardell Cruañas, Sergi; Sanchez, Lucie; Astals Garcia, Sergi; Mata Álvarez, Joan; Dosta Parras, Joan; Heran, Marc; Lesage, Geoffroy
1-May-2020Impact of Storage Conditions on the Methanogenic Activity of Anaerobic Digestion InoculaAstals Garcia, Sergi; Koch, Konrad; Weinrich, Sören; Hafner, Sasha D.; Tait, Stephan; Peces, Miriam
9-Jan-2021Nitrogen recovery from pig slurry by struvite precipitation using a low-cost magnesium oxideAstals Garcia, Sergi; Martínez-Martorell, M.; Huete Hernández, Sergio; Aguilar Pozo, Verónica Belén; Dosta Parras, Joan; Chimenos Ribera, Josep Ma.
2-Oct-2015Nutrient recovery and improvement of anaerobic digestion process by low grade magnesium oxide applicationRomero Güiza, Maycoll Stiven
7-Jun-2013Optimització i modelització de processos avançats de digestió anaeròbiaAstals Garcia, Sergi