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1994Bacterial translocation in cirrhotic rats. Its role in the development of spontaneous bacterial peritonitisLlovet i Bayer, Josep Maria; Bartolí, R.; Planas Vilà, Ramon; Cabré i Gelada, Eduard; Jiménez, M.; Urban, A.; Ojanguren Sabán, Isabel; Arnal, J.; Gassull, Miquel Àngel
2000Effect of olive oil on early and late events of colon carcinogenesis in rats: modulation of arachidonic acid metabolism and local prostaglandin E2 synthesis.Bartolí, R.; Fernández Bañares, Fernando; Navarro, E.; Castellà, E.; Mañé Almero, Josep; Álvarez, Maruxa; Pastor, C.; Cabré i Gelada, Eduard; Gassull, Miquel Àngel
1996Intracolonic administration of zileuton, a selective 5-lipoxygenase inhibitor, accelerates healing in a rat model of chronic colitisBertrán, X.; Mañé Almero, Josep; Fernández Bañares, Fernando; Castellà, E.; Bartolí, R.; Ojanguren Sabán, Isabel; Esteve i Comas, Maria; Gassull, Miquel Àngel