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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Sep-2019Essays in health and labour economicsBartoll, Xavier
2018Has the economic crisis worsened the world-related stress and mental health of temporary workers in Spain? [WP]Bartoll, Xavier; Gil, Joan, 1966-; Ramos Lobo, Raúl
2020Quality of work, economic crisis, and temporary employmentBartoll, Xavier; Ramos Lobo, Raúl
May-2019Temporary employment, work stress and mental health before and after the Spanish economic recessionBartoll, Xavier; Gil, Joan, 1966-; Ramos Lobo, Raúl
Jan-2021Worked hours, job satisfaction and self-perceived healthBartoll, Xavier; Ramos Lobo, Raúl
Aug-2020Working hour mismatch, job quality, and mental well-being across the EU28: a multilevel approachBartoll, Xavier; Ramos Lobo, Raúl