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1-Feb-2022Effectiveness of a Step Counter Smartband and Midwife Counseling Intervention on Gestational Weight Gain and Physical Activity in Pregnant Women With Obesity (Pas and Pes Study): Randomized Controlled TrialGonzalez Plaza, Elena; Bellart, Jordi; Arranz Betegón, Ángela; Luján Barroso, Leila; Crespo Mirasol, Esther; Seguranyes Guillot, Glòria
19-Jun-2021Pre-pregnancy overweight and obesity prevalence and relation to maternal and perinatal outcomes Prevalencia de sobrepeso y obesidad preconcepcional en mujeres gestantes y relación con los resultados maternos y perinatalesGonzález Plaza, Elena; Bellart, Jordi; Martínez Verdú, Maria Ángels; Arranz Betegón, Ángela; Luján Barroso, Leila; Seguranyes Guillot, Glòria