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21-Dec-2022Genome assembly of the acoel flatworm Symsagittifera roscoffensis, a model for research on body plan evolution and photosymbiosis.Martínez Serra, Pedro; Ustyantsev, Kirill; Biryukov. Mikhail; Mouton, Stijn; Glasenburg, Liza; Sprecher, Simon G.; Bailly, Xavier; Berezikov, Eugene
6-Feb-2013Mesodermal gene expression in the acoel isodiametra pulchra indicates a low number of mesodermal cell types and the endomesodermal origin of the gonadsChiodin, Marta; Børve, Aina; Berezikov, Eugene; Ladurner, Peter; Martínez Serra, Pedro; Hejnol, Andreas