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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jan-2020Anxiety in a digitalized work environmentPfaffinger, Katharina Felizitas; Reif, J.M.A.; Spieß, E.; Berger, Rita, 1959-
Jul-2020Educating future occupational health practitioners for excellent stress management across EuropeCzakert, Jan Philipp; Reif, Julia A. M.; Berger, Rita, 1959-
17-Feb-2017Ein theoretisches Modell zur Integration von Arbeitsmigranten in OrganisationenReif, Julia A. M.; Spieß, Erika; Berger, Rita, 1959-
16-Dec-2019How and When Do Leaders Influence Employees' Well-Being? Moderated Mediation Models for Job Demands and ResourcesBerger, Rita, 1959-; Czakert, Jan Philipp; Leuteritz, Jan-Paul Joachim; Leiva Ureña, David
2008Human System Audit (HSA) for the analysis of human behaviour in organizationsQuijano de Arana, Santiago D. de; Navarro Cid, José; Yepes i Baldó, Montserrat; Berger, Rita, 1959-; Romeo Delgado, Marina
2020Improving future occupational health practitioners’ competences for the management of techno-stress and excellenceCzakert, Jan Philipp; Armadans Tremolosa, Immaculada; Pfaffinger, Katharina Felizitas; Berger, Rita, 1959-
1-Oct-2021Multidimensional Individual Difference Acculturation (MIDA) model: Syrian refugees' adaptation into GermanySafdar, Saba; Ray-Yol, Elcin; Reif, Julia A. M.; Berger, Rita, 1959-
12-Aug-2021Palliative Oncological Patients with Insomnia: Concerns of the Patients and Their Relatives' PerceptionFont Guiteras, Antoni; Villar Abelló, Helena; Planas Domingo, José; Farriols Danés, Cristina; Ruiz Ripoll, Ada; Berger, Rita, 1959-
31-Jul-2019Psychometric properties of the human system audit-transformational leadership short scale in Germany and Philippines: A cross-cultural studyBerger, Rita, 1959-; Antonioli, T.C.
8-Nov-2018The composition and formation of effective teams: computer science meets organizational psychologyAndrejczuk, E.; Berger, Rita, 1959-; Rodríguez-Aguilar, Juan A. (Juan Antonio); Sierra, Carles, 1963-; Marín-Puchades, V.
30-Nov-2022The Indirect Role of Passive-Avoidant and Transformational Leadership through Job and Team Level Stressors on Workplace CyberbullyingCzakert, Jan Philipp; Berger, Rita, 1959-
1-Jun-2023The Influence of Leadership on Employees' Work‑nonwork Interface and Wellbeing: A Scoping ReviewCzakert, Jan Philipp; Berger, Rita, 1959-
7-Jul-2022The theoretical background of Abusive Supervision, the daily effect over employees´ emotions and recovery experience afterworkGallegos Castro, Ivonne
21-Jul-2020Validation of the German group development (GD) questionnaireLeuteritz, Jan-Paul; Navarro Cid, José; Czakert, Jan Philipp; Berger, Rita, 1959-
8-Nov-2019Validation of the group tasks uncertainty model (MITAG) in a German sampleLeuteritz, Jan-Paul Joachim; Navarro Cid, José; Berger, Rita, 1959-
1-Sep-2011Validity of the Human System Audit Transformational Leadership Short Scale (HSA-TFL) in four European countriesBerger, Rita, 1959-; Yepes i Baldó, Montserrat; Gómez Benito, Juana; Quijano de Arana, Santiago D. de; Brodbeck, Felix C.