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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2015Contribution of water to pressure and cold denaturation of proteinsBianco, Valentino; Franzese, Giancarlo
4-Apr-2014Critical behavior of a water monolayer under hydrophobic confinementBianco, Valentino; Franzese, Giancarlo
10-Aug-2017How the stability of a folded protein depends on interfacial water properties and residue-residue interactionsBianco, Valentino; Pagès Gelabert, Neus; Coluzza, Ivan; Franzese, Giancarlo
1-Jul-2019Hydrogen bond correlated percolation in a supercooled water monolayer as a hallmark of the critical regionBianco, Valentino; Franzese, Giancarlo
19-Jun-2023Hydrophobic Homopolymer’s Coil–Globule Transition and Adsorption onto a Hydrophobic Surface under Different ConditionsDurà Faulí, Bernat; Bianco, Valentino; Franzese, Giancarlo
13-Nov-2019In silico evidence that protein unfolding is as a precursor of the protein aggregationBianco, Valentino; Franzese, Giancarlo; Coluzza, Ivan
3-Jan-2021Protein Unfolding and Aggregation near a Hydrophobic InterfaceMarch Pons, David; Bianco, Valentino; Franzese, Giancarlo
26-Jun-2017Role of water in the selection of stable proteins at ambient and extreme thermodynamic conditionsBianco, Valentino; Franzese, Giancarlo; Dellago, Christoph; Coluzza, Ivan
22-Jul-2022Simulating active agents under confinement with Dissipative Particles DynamicsBarriuso Gutierrez, C. Miguel; Martin-Roca, José; Bianco, Valentino; Pagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio; Valeriani, Chantal
19-Jul-2013Statistical Physics of Water in Hydrophobic Nano-Confinement and at Proteins InterfacesBianco, Valentino