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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Sep-2020A prospective study of lung disease in a cohort of early rheumatoid arthritis patientsRobles-Pérez, Alejandro; Luburich Hernaiz, Patricio; Bolívar Cuevas, Santiago; Dorca i Sargatal, Jordi; Nolla Solé, Joan Miquel; Molina Molina, María; Narváez García, Francisco Javier
14-Dec-2020Incidence and risk factors for trocar-site incisional hernia detected by clinical and ultrasound examination: a prospective observational studyCiscar, Ana; Badia, Josep M.; Novell, Francesc; Bolívar Cuevas, Santiago; Mans, Esther
1-Dec-2018Preliminary Study of the Effect of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) on the Immune System in Lung Cancer Patients Unfit for Surgery: Immunophenotyping AnalysisNavarro Martin, Arturo; Linares Galiana, Isabel; Berenguer Francés, Miguel Ángel; Cacicedo, Jon; Cañas Cortés, Rut; Comas Antón, Silvia; Padrones, Susana; Bolívar Cuevas, Santiago; Parry, Renate; Guedea Edo, Ferran