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11-Jul-2007Chandra observations of the gamma-ray binary LSI+61303: extended X-ray Structure?Paredes i Poy, Josep Maria; Ribó Gomis, Marc; Bosch i Ramon, Valentí; West, Jennifer R.; Butt, Yousaf M.; Torres, Diego F.; Martí, Josep
2006INTEGRAL and XMM-Newton observations towards the unidentified MeV source GRO J1411-64.Torres, Diego F.; Zhang, Shu; Reimer, Olaf; Barcons, Xavier; Corral, Amalia; Bosch i Ramon, Valentí; Paredes i Poy, Josep Maria; Romero, Gustavo E.; Qu, Jin-Lu; Collmar, Werner; Schonfelder, V.; Butt, Yousaf M.