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15-Dec-2020Estimation of the measurement uncertainty and practical suggestion for the description of the metrological traceability in clinical laboratoriesRigo Bonnin, Raúl; Díaz Troyano, Noelia; García Tejada, Laura; Marcè Galindo, Albert; Valbuena Asensio, Míriam; Canalias, Francesca
1-Jan-2020Measurement uncertainty of β-lactam antibiotics results: estimation and clinical impact on therapeutic drug monitoringRigo Bonnin, Raúl; Canalias, Francesca; El Haj Hidalgo, Cristina; González-Hernando, Maria Cristina; Díaz Troyano, Noelia; Soldevila, Laura; Benavent Palomares, Eva; Murillo Rubio, Óscar