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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jun-2022LEX-BADAT: Language EXperience in Bilinguals With and Without Aphasia DATasetMarte, Manuel Jose; Carpenter, Erin; Falconer, Isaac B.; Scimeca, Michael; Abdollahi, Fatemeh; Peñaloza, Claudia; Kiran, Swathi
20-May-2021Telerehabilitation for word retrieval deficits in bilinguals with aphasia: Effectiveness and reliability as compared to in-person language therapyPeñaloza, Claudia; Scimeca, Michael; Gaona, Angelica; Carpenter, Erin; Mukadam, Nishaat; Gray, Teresa; Shamapant, Shilpa; Kiran, Swathi