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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Phylogeography of competing sexual and parthenogenetic forms of a freshwater flatworm: patterns and explanationsPongratz, Norbert; Storhas, Martin; Carranza, Salvador; Michiels, Nicolaas K.
Mar-2017Stable isotopes and diet uncover trophic-niche divergence and ecological diversification processes of endemic reptiles on Socotra IslandMartín, Natalia; Martínez, Sergi; Pujol Buxó, Eudald; Viñolas, Amador; Llorente, Gustavo A.; Sanpera Trigueros, Carola; Vasconcelos, Raquel; Carranza, Salvador; Santos Santiró, Xavier
1-Mar-2016Unexpectedly high levels of cryptic diversity uncovered by a complete DNA barcoding of reptiles of the Socotra ArchipelagoVasconcelos, Raquel; Montero-Mendieta, Santiago; Simó-Riudalbas, Marc; Sindaco, Roberto; Santos Santiró, Xavier; Fasola, Mauro; Llorente, Gustavo A.; Razzetti, Edoardo; Carranza, Salvador