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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jun-2020A comparative analysis ofcolour lexicalization patterns in urdu and hindiRashid, Sehar Ambreen
11-Jun-2020A phonetic comparison between indian english and british englishKaur, Diljot
1-Mar-2020Discourse Analysis as a Tool for Uncovering the Lived Experience of Dementia: Metaphor Framing and Well-being in Early-onset Dementia NarrativesCastaño Castaño, Emilia
9-Nov-2012The Embodied Basis of Discourse CoherenceCastaño Castaño, Emilia
11-Jun-2020Experiences of love in the old english vocabularyMelgosa Moreno, Lidia
Sep-2018Hand Position and Response Assignment Modulate the Activation of the Valence‐Space Conceptual MetaphorCastaño Castaño, Emilia; Gilboy, Elizabeth; Feijóo Antolín, Sara; Serrat Sellabona, Elisabet; Rostan, Carles; Hilferty, Joseph; Cunillera, Toni
1-Mar-2017The image-schematic basis of causation and concession in English and SpanishCastaño Castaño, Emilia
Dec-2017Immigration metaphors in a corpus of legal English: an exploratory study of EAL learners' metaphorical production and awarenessCastaño Castaño, Emilia; Laso Martín, Natàlia Judith; Verdaguer, Isabel
11-Jun-2020Language disorders in alzheimer's diseaseMartínez Carrizosa, Laura
2013Lingüística Cognitiva de Ibarretxe-Antuñano, Iraide & Valenzuela, Javier (Eds.), 2012. Barcelona: AntrhoposCastaño Castaño, Emilia
2020Mental Simulation in the Processing of Literal and Metaphorical Motion Language: An Eye Movement StudyCastaño Castaño, Emilia; Carrol, Gareth
2015Metaphor in Learner English. Corpora and Language Learners. By Susan Nacey Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2013. xi + 277 pp. ISBN 9789027202062. [Metaphor in Language, Cognition& Communication 2]Castaño Castaño, Emilia
2011Metáfora y estructura conceptualCastaño Castaño, Emilia; Hilferty, Joseph
14-Feb-2019Metonymies and metaphors of sadness in the Old English vocabularyCastaño Castaño, Emilia; Verdaguer, Isabel
15-Jun-2021Neologisms. The influence of English on CatalanHurtado Miret, Núria
1-Mar-2023The axes of time: spatiotemporal relations in Old English vocabularyCastaño Castaño, Emilia; Verdaguer, Isabel
2012The Embodied Basis of Discourse CoherenceCastaño Castaño, Emilia
11-Jun-2020The influence of french on the middle english lexicon after the norman conquestCoronado Hernández, Raquel
2018The Metaphorical Conceptualization of Sadness in the Anglo-Saxon ElegiesVerdaguer, Isabel; Castaño Castaño, Emilia
2019Using metaphor to explore the organizational patterns of expository writingCastaño Castaño, Emilia; Verdaguer, Isabel; Hilferty, Joseph