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18-Mar-2021A notable proportion of liver transplant candidates with alcohol-related cirrhosis can be delisted because of clinical improvementPose, Elisa; Torrents, Abiguei; Reverter, Enric; Pérez Campuzano, Valeria; Campos Varela, Isabel; Avitabile, Emma; Gratacós Ginès, Jordi; Castellote, Jose; Castells, Lluis; Colmenero, Jordi; Tort, Jaume; Ginès i Gibert, Pere; Crespo, Gonzalo
24-Sep-2022Perioperative Complications and Long-Term Follow-Up of Liver Transplantation in Hemorrhagic Hereditary Telangiectasia: Report of Three Cases and Systematic ReviewRiera Mestre, Antoni; Cerdà, Pau; Guzmán, Yoelimar Carolina; Iriarte, Adriana; Torroella, Alba; Mora Luján, José María; Castellote, Jose; Hessheimer, Amelia; Fondevila Campo, Constantino; Lladó, Laura