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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2014Agglomeration, Inequality and Economic GrowthCastells-Quintana, David; Royuela Mora, Vicente
2011Agglomeration, Inequality and Economic Growth (WP)Castells-Quintana, David; Royuela Mora, Vicente
Sep-2015Are increasing urbanisation and inequalities symptoms of growth?Castells-Quintana, David; Royuela Mora, Vicente
30-Jun-2021Ciudades y desigualdad: una mirada a las Áreas Urbanas Funcionales españolas = Cities and inequality: a view into Functional Urban AreasCastells-Quintana, David; Royuela Mora, Vicente
Jan-2016Dimensions of the current systemic crisis: Capitalism in short circuit?Cairó i Céspedes, Gemma; Castells-Quintana, David
3-Aug-2020Inequality and city size: an analysis for OECD functional urban areasCastells-Quintana, David; Royuela Mora, Vicente; Veneri, Paolo
1-Jan-2021Inequality and Employment Resilience: An Analysis of Spanish Municipalities during the Great RecessionGeelhoedt, Fabian; Royuela Mora, Vicente; Castells-Quintana, David
Jun-2019Inequality and sustainable development: Insights from an analysis of the human development indexCastells-Quintana, David; Royuela Mora, Vicente; Thiel, Fabian
2015Inequality in European Regions: Recent trends and determinantsCastells-Quintana, David; Ramos Lobo, Raúl; Royuela Mora, Vicente
2014International migrations and urbanisation: 1960-2010Castells-Quintana, David; Royuela Mora, Vicente
Nov-2017Las ciudades españolas tras la Gran Recesión: una mirada a la población, el empleo y los precios de la viviendaRoyuela Mora, Vicente; Castells-Quintana, David; Melguizo Cháfer, Celia
2015Malthus living in a slum : urban concentration, infrastructures and economic grouwthCastells-Quintana, David
May-2018Spatially blind policies? Analysing agglomeration economies and European Investment Bank funding in European neighbouring countriesCastells-Quintana, David; Royuela Mora, Vicente
Jun-2016The Effect of Inequality on (Human) Development – Insights from a Panel Analysis of the Human Development IndexThiel, Fabian
10-Apr-2015Three Empirical Essays on Concentration of Resources and Economic GrowthCastells-Quintana, David
Dec-2017Tracking positive and negative effects of inequality on long-run growthCastells-Quintana, David; Royuela Mora, Vicente
2014Tracking positive and negative effects of inequality on long-run growth [WP]Castells-Quintana, David; Royuela Mora, Vicente
2012Unemployment and Long-run Economic Growth: The role of Income Inequality and UrbanizationCastells-Quintana, David; Royuela Mora, Vicente