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30-Apr-2012Better Outcomes in Severe and Morbid Obese Patients (BMI> 35 kg/m2) in Primary Endo-Model Rotating-Hinge Total Knee ArthroplastyLozano, Luis M.; López, Vicente; Ríos, José; Popescu, Dragos; Torner i Pifarré, Pere; Castillo, Félix; Maculé Beneyto, Francisco
15-Apr-2021Inadequate Content of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) of Donor Human Milk for Feeding Preterm Infants: A Comparison with Mother's Own Milk at Different Stages of LactationCastillo, Félix; Castillo-Ferrer, Félix-Joel; Cordobilla, Begoña; Domingo i Pedrol, Joan Carles