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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jul-2018A complex network framework to model cognition: unveiling correlation structures from connectivityRosell-Tarragó, Gemma; Cozzo, Emanuele; Díaz Guilera, Albert
13-Jul-2016Active and reactive behaviour in human mobility: the influence of attraction points on pedestriansGutiérrez-Roig, Mario; Sagarra Pascual, Oleguer Josep; Oltra, A.; Palmer, J. R. B.; Bartumeus Ferré, Frederic; Díaz Guilera, Albert; Perelló, Josep, 1974-
Jun-2022Alternative description of the Kuramoto model of coupled oscillatorsLópez Bautista, Maria Li
6-Jul-2015An algebraic topological method for multimodal brain networks comparisonSimas, Tiago; Chavez, Mario; Rodriguez, P.; Díaz Guilera, Albert
14-Mar-2019Assessing diversity in multiplex networksCarpi, Laura; Schieber, Tiago A.; Pardalos, Panos M.; Marfany i Nadal, Gemma; Masoller, Cristina; Díaz Guilera, Albert; Ravetti, Martín G.
28-Feb-2020Benchmarking seeding strategies for spreading processes in social networks: an interplay between infuencers, topologies and sizesMontes, Felipe; Jaramillo, Ana María; Meisel, Jose D.; Díaz Guilera, Albert; Valdivia, Juan A.; Sarmiento, Olga L.; Zarama, Roberto
1-Dec-2016Chimera states in a network-organized public goods game with destructive agentsKouvaris, Nikos E.; Requejo, Ruben J.; Hizanidis, Johanne; Díaz Guilera, Albert
22-Jan-2016Chimera-like states in modular neural networksHizanidis, Johanne; Kouvaris, Nikos E.; Zamora López, Gorka; Díaz Guilera, Albert; Antonopoulos, Chris G.
2001Communication in networks with hierarchical branchingArenas, Àlex; Díaz Guilera, Albert; Guimerà Manrique, Roger
3-Apr-2020Comparing spatial networks: A one-size-fits-all efficiency-driven approachMorer, Ignacio; Cardillo, Alessio; Díaz Guilera, Albert; Prignano, Luce; Lozano, Sergi
24-Jan-2005Competition and adaptation in an Internet evolution modelSerrano Moral, Ma. Ángeles (María Ángeles); Boguñá, Marián; Díaz Guilera, Albert
Jul-2021A complex system model of biological agingPirker Díaz, Paula
23-Jan-2012Consensus in networks of mobile communicating agentsBaronchelli, A; Díaz Guilera, Albert
Jun-2020Coupling of sentiment-polarity and opinion in discrete topologiesDíez Hermoso, Mario
18-Apr-2023Diffusion capacity of single and interconnected networksSchieber, Tiago A.; Carpi, Laura; Pardalos, Panos M.; Masoller, Cristina; Díaz Guilera, Albert; Ravetti, Martín G.
8-Jan-2013Diffusion dynamics on multiplex networksGómez, S.; Díaz Guilera, Albert; Gómez-Gardeñes, Jesús; Pérez-Vicente, Conrado, 1962-; Moreno, Yamir; Arenas, Àlex
2002Dynamical properties of model communication networksGuimerà Manrique, Roger; Arenas, Àlex; Díaz Guilera, Albert; Giralt, Francesc
1998Dynamical properties of the Zhang model of self-organized criticalityGiacometti, Achille; Díaz Guilera, Albert
2007Econosociofísica a BarcelonaDíaz Guilera, Albert; Perelló, Josep, 1974-
2005Efficiency of informational transfer in regular and complex networksVragovic, Igor; Louis, E.; Díaz Guilera, Albert