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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Belowground and Aboveground Sustainability: Historical Management Change in a Mediterranean Agroecosystem (Les Oluges, Spain, 1860-1959-1999)Díez Sanjuán, Lucía; Olarieta, José Ramón; Tello, Enric
2018More than energy transformations: a historical transition from organic to industrialized farm systems in a Mediterranean village (Les Oluges, Catalonia, 1860-1959-1999)Díez Sanjuán, Lucía; Cussó i Segura, Xavier; Padró i Caminal, Roc; Marco Lafuente, Inés; Cattaneo, Claudio; Olarieta, José Ramón; Garrabou, Ramon, 1937-; Tello, Enric
26-Sep-2019Sociometabolic analysis of a traditional Mediterranean agroecosystem. Historical transition and Biocultural Heritage. (Les Oluges, Catalonia, c.1860-1959-1999)Díez Sanjuán, Lucía