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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jun-2018Evaluation of the application for a new alternative processing method for animal by-products of Category 3 material (ChainCraft B.V.)Ricci, Antonia; Allende, Ana; Bolton, Declan; Chemaly, Marianne; Davies, Robert; Herman, Lieve; Koutsoumanis, Konstantinos; Lindqvist, Roland; Nørrung, Birgit; Robertson, Lucy; Ru, Giuseppe; Sanaa, Moez; Simmons, Marion; Skandamis, Panagiotis; Snary, Emma; Speybroeck, Niko; Ter Kuile, Benno; Threlfall, John; Wahlström, Helene; Gironès Llop, Rosina; Álvarez Ordoñez, Valenio; Griffin, John; Correia, Sandra; Fernández Escámez, Pablo
2013Lexical and sub-lexical effects on accuracy, reaction time and response duration: impaired and typical word and pseudoword reading in a transparent orthographyDavies, Robert; Rodríguez-Ferreiro, Javier; Suárez, Paz; Cuetos Vega, Fernando
2011Neural correlates of abstract verb processingRodríguez-Ferreiro, Javier; Gennari, S.; Davies, Robert; Cuetos Vega, Fernando
2020Positive schizotypy increases the acceptance of unpresented materials in false memory tasks in non-clinical individualsRodríguez-Ferreiro, Javier; Aguilera, María del Carmen; Davies, Robert
2013Semantic domain and grammatical class effects in the picture-word interference paradigmRodríguez-Ferreiro, Javier; Davies, Robert; Cuetos Vega, Fernando
30-Jul-2020Semantic priming and schizotypal personality: reassessing the link between thought disorder and enhanced spreading of semantic activationRodríguez-Ferreiro, Javier; Aguilera, María del Carmen; Davies, Robert
31-Jul-2018The graded effect of valence on word recognition in SpanishRodríguez-Ferreiro, Javier; Davies, Robert