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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983Classical solutions of the leading-logarithm approximation with non-trivial topologyElizalde, E. (Emili), 1950-
11-Dec-1985El problema del confinament atacat des de l'acció efectiva de la Q. C. D.Soto Riera, Joan
1988Exact solutions for the massive klein-gordon-schwarzschild equationElizalde, E. (Emili), 1950-
1980From Galilean-invariant to relativistic wave equationsElizalde, E. (Emili), 1950-; Lobo Gutiérrez, José Alberto, 1953-
1984Generalized string models and their semiclassical approximationElizalde, E. (Emili), 1950-
1978The groups of Poincaré and Galilei in arbitrary dimensional spacesElizalde, E. (Emili), 1950-; Gomis Torné, Joaquim
3-Mar-2011On Friedmann-Lemaître-Robertson-Walker cosmologies in non-standard gravitySáez Gómez, Diego
1990On the zeta-function regularization of a two-dimensional series of epsten-Hurwitz typeElizalde, E. (Emili), 1950-
1978Poincaré is a subgroup of Galilei in one space dimension moreElizalde, E. (Emili), 1950-
1989Rigorous extension of the proof of zeta-function regularizationElizalde, E. (Emili), 1950-; Romeo, A.
1989Series solutions for the Klein-Gordon equation in Schwarzschild space-timeElizalde, E. (Emili), 1950-
1979SL(3,C) elementary instanton configurationsElizalde, E. (Emili), 1950-
8-Nov-2013Theories of modified gravity and reconstruction schemes of cosmological modelsLópez Revelles, Antonio
1987Topologies for poin distributionsElizalde, E. (Emili), 1950-