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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jul-2019Acute hydroxyurea-induced replication blockade results in replisome components disengagement from nascent DNA without causing fork collapseErcilla Eguiarte, Amaia; Feu i Coll, Sònia; Aranda, Sergi; Llopis, Alba; Brynjólfsdóttir, S.H.; Sørensen, Claus Storgaard; Toledo, Luis I.; Agell i Jané, Neus
29-Sep-2015Centrosome aberrations in human mammary epithelial cells driven by cooperative interactions between p16INK4a deficiency and telomere-dependent genotoxic stress.Domínguez, Daniel; Feijoo, Purificación; Bernal, Aina; Ercilla Eguiarte, Amaia; Agell i Jané, Neus; Genescà, Anna; Tusell, Laura
29-Apr-2016New mechanisms involved in the DNA replication stress response of non-transformed human cellsErcilla Eguiarte, Amaia
23-Feb-2016New origin firing is inhibited by APC/CCdh1 activation in S-phase after severe replication stress.Ercilla Eguiarte, Amaia; Llopis, Alba; Feu i Coll, Sònia; Aranda, Sergi; Ernfors, Patrik; Freire, Raimundo; Agell i Jané, Neus
15-Aug-2022RAD51 is a druggable target that sustains replication fork progression upon DNA replication stress.Feu i Coll, Sònia; Unzueta Payeras, Fernando; Ercilla Eguiarte, Amaia; Pérez-Venteo, Alejandro; Jaumot i Pijoan, Montserrat; Agell i Jané, Neus
1-Oct-2012The stress-activated protein kinases p38α/β and JNK1/2 cooperate with Chk1 to inhibit mitotic entry upon DNA replication arrestLlopis, Alba; Salvador, Noelia; Ercilla Eguiarte, Amaia; Guaita-Esteruelas, Sandra; Barco Barrantes, Ivan del; Gupta, Jalaj; Gaestel, Matthias; Davis, Roger J.; Nebreda, Àngel R.; Agell i Jané, Neus