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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jun-2021Analysis of the contribution of Barrier-to-Autointegration Factor (BAF) to centromere function and mitosis progressionEscudero Ferruz, Paula
22-Dec-2016Novel candidate genes and a wide spetrum of structural and point mutations responsible for inherited retinal dystrophies revealed by exome sequencingCastro Miró, Marta de; Tonda, Raul; Escudero Ferruz, Paula; Andrés, Rosa; Mayor Lorenzo, Andres; Castro, Joaquín; Ciccioli, Marcela; Hidalgo, Daniel A.; Rodríguez Ezcurra, Juan José; Farrando, Jorge; Pérez Santonja, Juan J.; Cormand Rifà, Bru; Marfany i Nadal, Gemma; Gonzàlez-Duarte, Roser
8-Aug-2023Purine Nucleotide Alterations in Tumoral Cell Lines Maintained with Physiological Levels of Folic AcidCano Estrada, Claudia; Benito Gómez, Lidia de; Escudero Ferruz, Paula; Ontiveros, Neus; Iglesias Serret, Daniel; López, José M.