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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2022A comprehensive Monte Carlo study of CT dose metrics proposed by the AAPM Reports 111 and 200Costa, P.R.; Nersissian, D.Y.; Umisedo, N.K.; Gonzales, A.H.L.; Fernández Varea, José María
25-Jul-2019A High Dynamic Range ASIC for Time of Flight PET with monolithic crystalsGómez, S.; Sanmukh, A.; Gascón Fora, David; Sánchez, D.; Mauricio, J.; Graciani Díaz, Ricardo; Manera Escalero, R.; Garrido Beltrán, Lluís; Fernández Varea, José María; Cela, J.M.; Freixas, L.; Marín, J.; Navarrete, J.J.; Oller, J.C.; Pérez, J.M.; Rato, P.; Vela Mendes, O.
Feb-2021Calculation of cellular S-valuesGonzález Vegas, Roberto
Jun-2020Characterization of a broad-energy Germanium spectrometerMartín Saladich, Queralt
Jan-2017Characterization of semiconductor detectors for [gamma]-ray and x-ray spectrometryBoyer López, Helena
Jun-2018The confined hydrogen atomCánovas Montes, Manuel Antonio
Feb-2022Contribution of primary and scattered photons in EPID images in RTFoix Pérez, Martí
3-Dec-2008Diseño y optimización del aplicador de un acelerador tipo microtrón para radioterapia intraoperatoriaMartínez Rovira, Immaculada
Jan-2019Dose distributions of MV photon beams in heterogeneous mediaMartos Marsiñach, Mireia
Jun-2019Dose fractionation in radiotherapy and the linear-quadratic modelVivancos Bargalló, Helena
Jan-2019Dose in media equivalent to bone and lung for 6 and 15 MV photon beamsMiquel i Armengol, Neus
Jun-2018Dosimetry in small x-ray fieldsIscla Murria, Laura
1-Jan-2022Experimental and theoretical L-subshell ionization cross sections for 83Bi by electron impact from the L3 threshold to 100 keVBarros, S.F.; Vanin, V.R.; Maidana, N.L.; Malafronte, A.A.; Fernández Varea, José María; Pindzola, M.
Jul-2021Hartree–Fock calculations for 2-electron atomsMascaró Rosselló, Joan
Jan-2023Heterogeneities in lung dosimetry: MC, AAA and Acuros calculationsRovira Sánchez, Pol
Jul-2021Hospital radiological protection: Linear accelerator bunker shieldingAlert Peret, Neus
27-Jul-1992Interactions of electrons with matterFernández Varea, José María
Feb-2022Modeling an EPID to simulate radiotherapy transmission imagesVallès Fusta, Marta
Jan-2023Monte Carlo characterization of a multi-leaf collimatorColl Casellas, Pau
Jan-2020On the dosimetry of megavoltage photon beams of very elongated fieldsSansalvador Boadas, Enric