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1-Sep-2018An enzymatic system for decolorization of wastewater dyes using immobilized CueO laccase-like multicopper oxidase on poly-3-hydroxybutyrateBello Gil, Daniel; Roig Molina, Emma; Fonseca, Jennifer; Sarmiento Ferrández, Mar ıa Dolores; Ferrándiz, Marcela; Franco, Esther; Mira, Elena; Maestro, Beatriz; Sanz, Jesu s M.
1-Oct-2020Polyamide fabric coated with a DHA-loaded chitosan hydrogel for a cosmeto-textile applicationSolé, Isabel; Vílchez Maldonado, Susana; Montanyà Tanyà, Núria; García Celma, Ma José; Ferrándiz, Marcela; Esquena, Jordi