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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-May-2022A global synthesis of human impacts on the multifunctionality of streams and riversBrauns, Mario; Allen, Daniel C.; Boëchat, Iola G.; Cross, Wyatt F.; Ferreira, Verónica; Graeber, Daniel; Patrick, Christopher J.; Peipoch, Marc; Schiller Calle, Daniel von; Gücker, Björn
30-Jul-2018Effects of human-driven water stress on river ecosystems: a meta-analysisSabater, Sergi; Bregoli, Francesco; Acuña, V. (Vicenç); Barcelo, Damia; Elosegi, Arturo, 1962-; Ginebreda, Antoni; Marce, Rafael; Muñoz Gràcia, Isabel; Sabater-Liesa, Laia; Ferreira, Verónica
15-Dec-2020Organic matter decomposition and ecosystem metabolism as tools to assess the functional integrity of streams and rivers - a systematic reviewFerreira, Verónica; Elosegi, Arturo, 1962-; Tiegs, Scott D.; Schiller Calle, Daniel von; Young, Roger