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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989A four-valued modal logic arising from Monteiro's last algebrasFont, Josep M.; Rius Font, Miquel
1982Implication and deduction in some intuitionistic modal logics (1)Font, Josep M.
1984Modality and possibility in some intuitionistic modal logicsFont, Josep M.
1983Monadicity in topological pseudo-boolean algebrasFont, Josep M.
1990Note on a six-valued extension of three valued logicFont, Josep M.; Moussavi, Massoud
1996On the contributions of Helena Rasiowa to mathematical logicFont, Josep M.
1986Some remarks on Heyting matricesFont, Josep M.
1983Wajsberg algebrasFont, Josep M.; Rodríguez, Antonio J. (Jesús); Torrens Torrell, Antoni